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Always smell good: 6 tips for a better body odor

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Everyone knows people who just always smell good - whether after exercising or right after getting up. We know what such people do differently!

Finding the right perfume for you is certainly not that easy, and wearing the right fragrance is not that easy either. And then there are also great new fragrances on a regular basis. But smelling good without any perfume is an even bigger challenge! The good news: everyone can smell good anytime, anywhere. (Then you don't have to speak to anyone about your sweat smell.)

These tricks always make us smell good

  1. How you make your bed, that's how you smell

    Who regularly renews the bed linen (ideally once a week) and the Before going to bed, bed linen is moistened with a scented mixture of water and an essential oil, envelops skin and hair overnight in a fine cloud of scent that does not lose its effect the next day.

    A little tip for the fragrance spray: essential oil and water are mixed in a ratio of 1: 5 and poured into a spray bottle. In principle, you can of course choose the direction of the fragrance as you like, but aromas such as sandalwood or lavender, which are said to have a calming effect, are particularly recommended.

  1. Personal care: bind fragrances longer

    A body lotion smells great, but it evaporates quickly. If you want to smell good for a long time, you have to help. This is how it works: simply mix a few drops of essential oil into the body lotion. Essential oil not only smells particularly intense, but also preserves fragrances on the skin for longer thanks to its high fat content.

  2. Shower properly, smell better

    The more neutral the shower gel, the better the body odor. That may not sound logical, but it is effective. A shower gel that is as neutral as possible in terms of smell and pH, is particularly mild on the skin and helps to maintain a balanced bacterial level. The result: the body odor becomes more neutral, milder and more pleasant overall.

    The same applies to deodorants, by the way: Mild, pH-neutral products do not cover up the body odor, but neutralize it. By the way: Especially people who sweat a lot can destroy the good bacteria with excessive washing, which then increases their armpit odor even more!

  3. Drink a lot: Simply wash out disturbing aromas

    Sweat and metabolic products are transported out of the body through the skin. This is important and healthy, but it also leads to a body odor that is not always good. If you want to influence your natural scent and also support your body in its cellular activity, ensures regular and adequate fluid intake.

    The more we drink, the more active the excretion process is and the more “dilute” we perceive body odor. Another tip: ideally, you don't just drink water, but unsweetened sage tea; it should have a regulating effect on sweat activity and at the same time improve body odor.

  4. Bodysplash: Scented refreshment in between

    Bodysplashs are a clever combination of fragrance and care. The water-based care spray can be sprayed on the skin again and again in between, to not only freshen up the scent, but at the same time supply the skin with moisture and nutrients.

    Small bottles that fit in every handbag and make the fragrant in between care suitable for everyday use are ideal. Another tip for the summer: If you store the Bodysplash in the refrigerator, it provides the ultimate refreshment effect.

  5. Apply perfume correctly

    Of course, if you want to smell good, you don't have to do without perfume entirely. In order to use the fragrance as long-lasting as possible, the type of application is crucial. Ideally, you spray your favorite odeur on your hair and clothing; fragrances last the longest here.

    The scent develops a particularly personal note on the skin, but threatens to dissipate faster through sweat and abrasion. If you want a long-lasting scent on your skin, you can use so-called perfume oil instead of a normal perfume. The high fat content means that aromas are better stored. And so you smell and smell and smell good all day long.