Seafood What are your favorite shrimp recipes?

Do you like prawns? Then these 36 recipes are for you!

Fried prawns in an Asian dressing gown

With these little bites you can really let the star chef hang out. A marinade of coriander and garlic gives the shrimp flavor. Then they are wrapped all around in fine glass noodles and come out as crispy finger food after a short bath in hot oil. To the recipe

Greek saganaki with prawns

A Greek-style casserole? Feta shouldn't be missing. But neither does shrimp. Neither do tomatoes and chillies. And of course - not even a good shot of white wine. What is still missing now? The sea. And the sun. And ... the recipe

Zucchini noodles with prawns and cherry tomatoes

Do you fancy pasta - preferably low carb and with an extra portion of protein? Then the combination of zucchini and prawns is just right for you. Twisted into spirals and fried until glassy, ​​the duo combines with sweet cherry tomatoes for a wonderfully light rendezvous. To the recipe

Bruschetta with prawns and avocado

Do you like bruschetta? Then you will love this variant. Not exactly classic, but a welcome change with avocado and prawns. So fresh and so delicious - perfect for mild summer nights on your balcony. To the recipe

Tom Yam Kong: Sour Spicy Shrimp Soup

Yes, Tom Kha Gai is delicious - very tasty in fact. But this Thai soup deserves at least as much attention: Tom Yam Kong. Less creamy, just as hot and refined with prawns. To the recipe

One pan quinoa with shrimp

“Shrimps are fruits of the sea. You can roast them on a spit, bake them, roast them, put them on the grill, sort them ... ”And turn them into a delicious quinoa bowl. If Forrest Gump had known the healthy grain, he would certainly have had this colorful bowl. To the recipe

Coconut shrimp skewers with peanut sauce and cucumber salad

Peanut butter makes everything a little better. A little creamier, a little nuttier, a little ... more delicious. In combination with coconut milk - a poem. And when glassy fried prawns join in - a stunner. To the recipe

Shrimp broccoli pan

Fancy a quick dinner for your low-carb diet? Or do you just fancy crunchy broccoli and tender shrimp with an Asian touch? Whatever drives you to the stove, you should definitely not miss this simple pan dish. To the recipe

Asia Meatballs from Beefer

Meatballs go anywhere and anytime. But also authentic Asian food. Why not combine both? When crunchy, sprinkled with sesame seeds and dipped in mild soy sauce, these Asian meatballs are gone faster than you can say “pork and prawn meatballs with coriander from beef”. To the recipe

Caribbean shrimp and pumpkin ragout

Mild coconut milk and lots of spices give sweet pumpkin and fresh shrimp a Caribbean flair and let you sink into Caribbean daydreams with every spoon. To the recipe

Fettuccine in a spicy shrimp tomato sauce

Yes, we too would love to sit in Tuscany and put pasta on our forks. But what is not yet can still be. And until then we will bridge the gap with these wonderful Mediterranean fettuccines. In combination with dried tomatoes, fresh prawns and lots of garlic - Italian flair on your plate. To the recipe

Ceviche Cámaron with shrimp, tomatoes and lime juice

This type of ceviche comes from Ecuador and is one of the favorite dishes of the locals there. The classic ceviche actually consists of semi-raw fish, but this variant uses cooked shrimp. Together with red onions, tomatoes, orange and lime juice, the whole thing becomes wonderfully refreshing. To the recipe

Enchiladas with shrimp filling

Who would have thought that - spicy shrimp and jalapenos are also great as a filling in a gratinated tortilla. Instead of the classic chili sauce, the spicy rolls are covered with creamy sour cream and can be gratinated with cheese in the hot oven. To the recipe

Spicy pasta with prawns and chorizo

What do you get when you combine Italian pasta with Spanish chorizo ​​and a blend of spices from the American South? Maybe your new favorite pasta dish - provided you like it spicy. To the recipe

Ha Gao: Steamed dumplings with shrimp filling

In Italy they eat ravioli, with us Maultaschen - in Swabia at least - and in China dumplings. If the small dumplings are steamed and filled with glass noodles and shrimp, you can call them “Ha Gao”. To the recipe

Orange prawns with baked potato slices

Here, glassy fried prawns take a bath of freshly squeezed orange juice and taste so irresistibly good that they even outshine the fried potatoes as soul food. To the recipe

Shrimp cakes with Asian dip

Shrimp with a difference: Together with white fish fillet and Asian curry paste, after 2-3 rounds in the food processor, a fine, aromatic base for shrimp cakes is created. Quickly form patties and put them in the hot pan - the golden brown delicacy is ready. To the recipe

Southern gumbo with prawns and bacon

A gumbo is nothing more than a stew - an American (lentil) stew, so to speak. Here in the classic way with prawns, bacon and a dark roux - that's always part of it. To the recipe

Ceviche Mexicano with shrimp and avocado

This light dish cuts a great figure as a lunch, but also as a starter on a dinner evening with friends. Ceviche is semi-raw fish that is only cooked with the acidity of citrus fruits. In Mexico, the ceviche is traditionally prepared with shrimp. To the recipe

Carrot and lemongrass soup with coconut prawns

Carrot kisses lemongrass kisses coconut milk. Sounds like a pretty tasty trio, doesn't it? If you then also puree the three and serve with coconut prawns - a culinary revelation. To the recipe

Orechiette with prawns and chili zucchini

Always just spaghetti or tagliatelle - kind of boring ... Today these button-like pasta land on your plate and bring you a little closer to the port of Apulia. Not least because of the pan-fried shrimp. Mhhhh ... to the recipe

Coconut prawns with mango sauce

Here shrimps slip into their exotic summer outfit and present themselves in a coconut coat, particularly tasty next to sunny mango sauce. You really can't get more vacation on your plate! To the recipe

Chilli shrimp tortillas

Pleasantly spicy, tasty and made quickly - a finger food that everyone likes. Fresh coriander gives the marinated prawns and the spicy tortilla sauce the right pep. To the recipe

Prawn and avocado salad with miso dressing

Fancy a little round trip? 9,350 kilometers and 11 flight hours later, shrimp and avocado taste particularly good in combination. Not because of the Japanese sun, but because of the slightly sour miso dressing. The basis: creamy miso paste. You can get them here too. And the salad too. To the recipe

Avocado and orange salad with spicy shrimp

Today avocado and prawns jump into a bowl together and become the best "salad buddies". Together with fruity oranges, tart grapefruit and crunchy lettuce hearts, a tangy, fruity summer creation. To the recipe

Fried asparagus salad with prawns and feta