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Apple Watch for 20 euros: brazen Wish copy in a practical test

Test conclusion: you have to know that

Especially against the background of the cheap price, the Apple Watch copy impresses with its appearance. Their design is extremely similar to the original, the display scores with scratch resistance. The watch also offers some practical basic functions such as heart rate measurement, message display and music control as well as telephony. But she doesn't have as much as her role model. It is not possible to reply to messages or install apps. The lavish features of the Apple Watch are missing, such as electrodes for ECG measurement, barometer, GPS, a compass for navigation and route functions, as well as WLAN reception, NFC and LTE modules for more connectivity. And the battery doesn't last a day. Due to data protection concerns, the assessment is poor.


  • Scratch-resistant display glass
  • Music remote control
  • Shows notifications
  • Measures heart rate
  • Telephony possible by watch


  • Questionable data protection
  • Battery doesn't last a day
  • Sluggish response of the display
  • Contrast-free screen
  • Not waterproof
  • No apps installable
  • No sport detection
  • Economical equipment

Editor's assessment


In the COMPUTER BILD test, the Apple Watch occupies the top places on the smartwatch best list as a permanent guest - so far, no other wearable can hold its own. Some providers from China are trying to find a cheap copy online: For less than 30 euros there is a twin like this on Amazon or on the Wish shopping platform. In a practical test, the editors found out what such an outrageously cheap copy is good for. The choice fell on the W34, offered for sale as the "Newes Fashion Smart Watch (GPS, 44 mm)", sold by the dealer fuyushenzhubao01.

Shape: Copied from the Apple Watch design

Amazing: At first glance, you can hardly tell the difference between the real and the fake Apple Watch. Because the external dimensions with a case height of 44 millimeters and the shape are identical to the Apple Watch 5, as is the locking mechanism of the bracelet. Even the ceramic back with the electrodes looks like the original. Only at second glance do you notice any differences to the original. The bracelet cannot be removed. The side button on the case is missing. The crown, i.e. the round button, imitates the W34 including the red border, which signals on the original that it is an LTE variant. In the case of the copy, the meaning is omitted, as is the control option: The button is only used to activate and deactivate the display. On the original, the crown can be turned, for example to adjust the volume or to scroll through menus.

Both watches have a crown, i.e. the round button with a red border. But the crown can only be used for scrolling on the original (right). On the real Apple Watch, there is a second button underneath, the so-called side button.

Square and pale: the display

The screen of the original Apple Watch is based on OLED technology with strong contrast, great brightness and rich black. With the cheap copy there is no question of this: the colors are pale, as is the contrast. It is a square IPS display with a resolution of 240x240 pixels. Due to the square shape of the display, a wide border remains, especially at the bottom. The display glass is amazingly scratch-resistant. In the laboratory, it withstood the scratch test up to level 6 (out of 9).

If the display does not light up, the fake watch (below) can hardly be distinguished from the original.

Copy of the dial close to the original

The clock displays on the fake Apple Watch are based on the original from California. Twelve designs are available, each one a replica of the original. The Chinese manufacturer even gives the so-called complications on the dial the familiar function: tapping them takes you to the corresponding function, just like the original; If you press the music symbol, for example, the music can be controlled remotely. The activity symbol takes you to the sports units.

The menu layout of the apps is also reminiscent of the Apple model (the original on the left).

Battery life of the China Watch

A micro USB cable that can be plugged into the side of the housing is used to charge the fake device. Apple has solved this differently, here the charging cable is held magnetically on the back of the case. The battery life of the China watch is even shorter than that of the Apple Watch: While the original lasts a day even with heavy use, the counterfeit gives up sooner. The fake watch only shows the battery charge level to an accuracy of 25 percent. After a 100 percent charge, this is followed by 75 percent.

The charging cable goes into an opening on the housing. The watch is therefore not waterproof.

Health and fitness functions in the check

With the China watch, users record their steps in everyday life. The heart rate can be measured continuously, but the watch was not correct in the test. The clock also tracks sleep. There is also a sport mode, but routes cannot be recorded with it, although the watch is advertised as a GPS watch. The seller of the counterfeit also advertises an electrocardiogram function (EKG). The watch apparently does this with the optical sensor alone. For a valid measurement, the electrodes of the original, instructions on how to perform the recording and an interpretation of the result are missing. Ultimately, the meaning and purpose of the ECG function is to state whether the heart rhythm is steady.

Frighteningly the same: the China manufacturer (Shenzhen Fen Yun) copied the back of the Apple Watch.

App, setup and smart functions

To set it up, you need a smartphone with at least Android 4.3 or an iPhone with at least iOS 9 and the FunDo Pro app from the developer Shenzhen Fen Yun Technology. The fake Apple Watch has some smart functions in combination with the mobile phone. It mirrors notifications from the mobile phone and controls the music remotely. The remote triggering of the mobile phone camera did not succeed in the practical test. The iPhone occasionally had connection problems. The most amazing feature is the telephony function: If you use the watch in Bluetooth proximity to the paired Android cell phone, you can make, accept and reject calls. Thanks to the microphone and loudspeaker, calls can be made by watch. And the sound is fine - impressive.

In addition to the clock, the scope of delivery includes a micro-USB charging cable and operating instructions (in Chinese and English).

FunDo Pro app and data protection

You have to be clear: A smart watch for less than 30 euros, which offers as many functions as the fake watch tested here, basically has to rely on a different business model than the pure sale of the product. The watch has a built-in microphone - it is technically possible to monitor it. In March 2020, COMPUTER BILD hired an independent law firm to review the conditions. The verdict: poor. The provider uses data for advertising purposes and for its own purposes and other services. Read more in the test of the Apple Watch copies.

Conclusion: Apple Watch copy W34 in the test

This brazen copy of the Apple Watch is sold online under various names - W34, XWatch, EWatch. The W34 can hardly do anything: it measures the heart rate incorrectly, its battery runs out after a few hours, the housing cannot withstand water, and data protection is inadequate. You can find out more about the counterfeit scam in an article on the XWatch scandal.

The China fake watch costs around 20 euros including shipping at Wish.

Price and availability

Buyers can get these and many other fake Apple Watch watches via the Wish online trading platform. This link takes you to the model tested here. We advise against buying. Availability varies as does price. For example, COMPUTER BILD could not order the watch via an existing account. It was available from a newly created account. The price is between 13 and 22 euros - it changes daily. There are also a few euros for shipping from China to Germany. In COMPUTER BILD's practical test, delivery took less than two weeks.

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