Where in life is motivation most needed

Motivation in your studies: 50 strong thoughts with which you can motivate yourself every day

by Tim Reichel

Quick question: How did you start the day today?

Did you jump out of bed punctually at 6:30 a.m., smile at yourself in the mirror and then look forward to the day? Or did you curse the alarm clock for half an hour, then get up in a bad mood and wonder why you do this to yourself every morning?

With the Motivation in studies it is often such a thing: You actually want to study. You want to learn something, get excited and later have a really good university degree in your pocket. But in the stressful day-to-day business, the desire to study is quickly lost.

You are not alone in this.

Everyone knows motivation problems. It doesn't matter whether you have to be in the lecture at 8 a.m. or if you should finally start learning. It doesn't matter whether you have to finish your thesis or your student job is waiting for you. In each of these situations, you need to motivate yourself.

And that can be tough at times.

Positive thought patterns can help you extremely well in moments like this. Sounds like spiritual nonsense at first, but it really works. Thoughts are powerful and can strongly influence your actions.

That's why I've collected 50 positive thoughts for you in this article, with which you can motivate yourself and conjure up a positive attitude.

Try it!


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50 thoughts for more motivation

If the next time you lack motivation and you can't get yourself up, these 50 sentences are guaranteed to help you.

This list originally comes from Jayson Demers and was published on entrepreneur.com's blog. This is my interpretation:


#1 I can do anything.

This might just be a simple sentence, but it will make you believe in yourself again. He makes you aware that you can really achieve anything that you resolutely set out to do.


#2 I can do it, because …"

Instead of concentrating on the negative aspects and thinking about why you cannot do something or what your weaknesses are, you just turn the tables: Be aware of why you are particularly good at something.


#3 I earn more.

You deserve more. Don't limit yourself and allow yourself more of life. You deserve happier studies, better grades, and more satisfaction in your student life.


#4 It's never to late.

It doesn't matter how old you are, how many opportunities you have missed so far or what point in time you are in your studies. It's never too late to take on a new challenge.


#5 There will always be challenges in my life.

In your life there will always be difficult moments and situations when you have to fight. New challenges are just part of it and must be overcome. You can do it.


#6 There is no such thing as the perfect moment.

Do you like to wait for the perfect moment to start? Forget it! There is no such thing as a perfect moment. Be aware of this and do not procrastinate unnecessarily.


#7 There is no such thing as a perfect plan.

It's good when you have a plan. But do not plan yourself! Do not approach your tasks too perfectionistically and do not worry too much. Every plan has flaws. Do not worry about it.


#8 Everyone starts at times.

Nobody starts out as a full professional and an absolute high-flyer. Everyone started small and then worked their way up. Be aware of this and don't let difficult beginnings scare you off.


#9 One step at a time.

Take it slow and don't overwhelm yourself. If you want everything at once, you will never get there. Break your chores down into baby steps, then go your own way (check out the first brick method).


#10 I can only get better.

Everyone has problems and difficulties in the beginning. This is completely normal. Starting a new task is always the most stressful and annoying part. But it's getting better. Promised.


#11 Failure is only temporary.

If you fall down on the way up, it doesn't matter. Many successful people have failed before they really took off.


#12 I can learn from mistakes.

You don't need to be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are part of it and are opportunities you can learn from. Nothing else.


#13 I can only control today.

You no longer have any influence on the past. So stop mourning past opportunities and deal with the present. Yesterday's mistakes don't drag you down.


#14 If it were easy everyone would.

You like challenges and demanding tasks. You knew that it wouldn't be easy. And that shouldn't be an obstacle for you now.


#15 'Sometime' is today.

Many people want to achieve their goals "someday" and then never start. You do it differently. Your "sometime" is today. Today it starts.


#16 Negative thoughts cannot stop me.

Don't let negative thoughts stop you. We all doubt or question ourselves. And that's okay too. But you keep going Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.


#17 I've mastered difficult situations.

Make yourself aware of what you have already achieved in your life. How many times have you stood with your back to the wall and, contrary to all expectations, turned things around?


#18 Nothing in life is free.

You don't get anything for free in your studies or in life. You have to work out and earn everything yourself. Of course there are coincidences and happy twists, but you don't need them.


#19 I'm more likely to regret things I haven't done than what I have done.

It is not a problem if you act and make wrong decisions in the process. You're more likely to regret it if you sit around doing nothing and then ask yourself afterwards what would have happened.


#20 I don't need permission from others.

You don't have to hold anyone accountable. Just do your thing and make decisions independently of others. Even if people think you're crazy.


#21 I decide my fate myself.

Only you can influence your future. Through your thinking and your actions. No one else. You can decide who you want to be and it's in your own hands.


#22 It's not about winning or losing.

You cannot win or lose in life. That's not the point. It's about you being happy and content.


#23 Boring decisions produce boring results.

Make an exciting and courageous decision. Do not act stupid or without sense, but take a conscious risk from time to time.


#24 Well worth the risk.

Do you have a clear goal in mind? Then you also know that there are risks along the way. But what you can achieve is of much greater value.


#25 I would rather bite my way through now than complain afterwards.

It is less bad to be disciplined and to struggle now than to have to pay for the negative consequences later. When was the last time you really regretted something?


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#26 Many ingenious people have difficulties starting.

Don't let this drag you down if you don't feel like it at the beginning and you are only slowly getting going. Many successful people got off to a tough start.


#27 I will always find support.

Regardless of whether you are family, friends or fellow students: you are never completely alone. And even if you don't find support there, you are always able to look for a new community.


#28 Experience is always valuable.

Even if things don't go the way you want them to and your dream result doesn't come out: You have always gained experience and can benefit from it for the rest of your life.


#29 Hard work has its own value.

You feel good just because you took up a challenge and worked towards your goals. You started and pulled it off. Only that counts.


#30 Every day counts.

Today. Tomorrow. Day after tomorrow. These are all small steps on your way to success. Work in stages and don't let big tasks scare you off.


#31 My point of view matters more than the point of view of others.

Don't care what others think. Your point of view is crucial and is your top priority.


#32 There is no problem that I cannot solve.

You can overcome any hurdle and get rid of all difficulties in this world. You can always work on yourself and keep improving.


#33 Ordinary actions create an ordinary life.

Nobody wants to be ordinary. Don't let yourself get ordinary and make extraordinary decisions. This will help you advance and learn the most.


#34 I can always improve.

No matter how tough the situation is and how little time you have: You can always improve and develop yourself.


#35 I can learn everything I need to know.

We live in the information age. The entire knowledge of this world is available to you and you can learn whatever you want to learn.


#36 I can master any task that comes my way.

Practice creates masters. If you work hard and smart, you can dive into any task and pass it successfully.


#37 My willpower is inexhaustible.

Nothing can slow your motivation. When you've got something on your mind, you'll go for it. Nothing can stop you.


#38 I know what I want.

You know your goals and have them firmly in view. You don't care about trivialities because you are focused and determined.


#39 My feelings are the product of my thoughts.

If you are anxious or insecure, understand that your thoughts are causing these feelings. This will give you control back.


#40 Trying and failing is better than doing nothing at all.

Every smart person admires courageous decisions. Try a lot and accept that you will fail.


#41 I am who I want to be.

Nothing can stop you from being who you want to be. The only barrier is in your head. Good news: You can remove the barrier yourself!


#42 I can't win if I don't try.

In order to win and be successful in the end, you have to try it first and bite your way through.


#43 My life is the product of my choices.

Your life is a huge chain of all the decisions you have ever made and will make. With every decision you can change your life for the better.


#44 I'm better today than yesterday.

You keep evolving and getting better every day. Even if you “only” become more experienced and learn from mistakes, you have achieved something. Every day is precious.


#45 Miracles don't happen overnight.

Be patient and don't expect too much from yourself. You need time and perseverance for great success. Nobody becomes a genius overnight.


#46 Once I get started, it gets easier.

The first step is often the biggest obstacle. But you can do it and then really get going. After you start it will be easier.


#47 I reward myself when I make it.

When you have achieved your goal, you are doing yourself something good. Even small rewards can boost your motivation.


#48 I will be proud of myself.

Realize how proud you will be of yourself when you reach your goal. Visualize it and pull yourself up by this feeling.


#49 There will be more opportunities.

It's not a problem if things don't go the way you imagined. There will always be a next time and more opportunities. Don't put yourself under unnecessary pressure.


#50 Nothing and nobody will take my motivation away.

You will never be discouraged. Your motivation is huge and inexhaustible. No matter what, you are stronger!


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With these 50 thoughts you will never let yourself be dominated by negative feelings or fall into a motivation hole again.

Positive thinking is a powerful remedy against listlessness and your own procrastination. It has been scientifically proven that positive thought patterns can sustainably improve your satisfaction, health and also your performance.

These 50 guiding principles will help you to take control of your studies and to motivate you for every new challenge. And that day after day.

Now it's up to you.

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