What makes proud grown men cry

People talk about the unusual things that make them cry

When tears well up in your eyes, you usually don't want others to notice. You instinctively pretend everything is normal or you quickly run into the toilet cubicle. What we're less embarrassed about is talking about what makes us cry in the first place. We asked friends and colleagues to tell us what things make them pee in their eyes. Have your handkerchiefs ready.

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"Dogs that sleep on the graves of their deceased owners."

"Dogs that are a little older, that are missing a leg or that run into the sea."

"YouTube videos in which street dogs are rescued and it is not clear at first whether they will survive at all. But then they slowly get better and you can finally see the dogs frolicking around happily with their new owners."

"The thought that a dog is going to die in the film - even though the film hasn't even started."

"Video clips in which dogs meet their owners again after a long time, who were stationed as soldiers somewhere abroad."

"Bagpipes. Every time."

"With bagpipes I get wet eyes immediately."

"Bagpipes always sound so sad."

"Well ... bagpipes."

"Bagpipes, I'm crying snot and water. I don't know if other people feel the same way."

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"Old men in cardigans with open trousers and socks that don't match. Oh yes, and when they have combed their thinning hair into a side parting with just a small dollop of gel. I find that really sad."

"When I see adults drinking juice from one of those little Tetra Paks. I almost cry when I think about it. They look so vulnerable. I mean, they went to the supermarket and replaced a normal one Bottle bought a small drinking pack - with a straw. "

"When an 80- or 90-year-old is happy about a baby. The cycle of life. So natural, so beautiful."

"Older people who walk down the street and have to carry their shopping all the way home."

The entertainment industry

"When people who have had to go through a lot take part in singing show castings and then blow the jury down. Or when they are particularly ugly, the audience makes fun of them because of the great performance, but then quickly falls silent because of the great performance."

"Spock's funeral in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Every damn time. "

"I once did an episode Full house cried. But it was also about the death of the mother and the whole thing was very moving. "

"The end of the fantasy film Jem and the Hologramswhen the dead father says in a hologram to his daughter how proud he is of her. "

"The scene in WALL · Ein which the little robot and Eva whirl through the stars with the fire extinguisher. "

"As the deaf woman on her date on the TV series First dates a clean skin. "

The world of the beautiful and the rich

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"Beyoncé's live performances. They don't even have to be particularly sad, a powerful performance is enough. Then I am overwhelmed. I think it was similar back then with Beatlemania, everyone went nuts for no reason. I went to the Beyoncé concert I almost passed out. "

"Stephen Hawkings. Whenever I read too many quotes from him, I cry - for example he once said how much he still wanted to achieve in his life."

"I cried once when Shania Twain was on Martha Stewart's TV show. OK, but I was also totally hungover, hungry and with my parents."

"The arrivals hall at Heathrow Airport. I was waiting for my mother and I had to cry because of all the families who had been hugging each other again after a long time. None of them cried and I stood there like a fool."

"Everything I look at on a plane - no matter if it is now Bob's Burgers, 30 skirt or some bad rom-com. "

"Any film that is shown on an airplane. Or just flying in an airplane."

"When I realized I was going to see humpback whales for the first time in my life."

"My friend cries when he learns that a small business is doing well."

"The last time musicals are performed. It's just so sad that the cast put so much work into something they'll never do again."

"When a Muppet character is talking and the voice is different because the original speaker has died. Even if I know what's coming, I can never hold back."

"I cried when I read the description of my sister's yoga class: 'We focus on melting away the tension in our muscle tissue and releasing our flow of energy.'"

"If I haven't been to New Zealand for a while and the customs officer says 'Welcome home' when I enter the country and stamps my passport."

"I once cried at a five-year-old race. Oh yes, bagpipes always make me cry."

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