Is the Black Sea in Europe

Black Sea

A map of the Black Sea with all the countries that are adjacent to it
Bathing beach on the Turkish Black Sea coast. As here, the water in the Black Sea looks mostly blue.

The Black Sea lies between Europe and Asia. It is about the size of the North Sea, but much deeper, namely up to 2000 meters deep. The Black Sea is connected to the Mediterranean by the strait of the Bosphorus.

Today we don't know exactly why the sea is called “black”. Some researchers suspect that the name has to do with certain algae that sometimes make the seabed and water look particularly dark. Others believe that it is just a mistranslation of an ancient name.

There are many countries on the Black Sea: Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Turkey. Several large rivers such as the Danube flow into the Black Sea. In the north of the sea there is a large peninsula, the Crimea.

Many important trade routes have run across and around the Black Sea since ancient times. But there were also wars again and again because individual countries wanted to determine who went and traded at sea.

Today people mainly go to the Black Sea to go on vacation. There are many famous seaside resorts, for example Yalta in Crimea. The largest city on the Black Sea is Odessa in Ukraine.

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