What physically draws men to women

Sexual pleasure and the female orgasm

Sexual pleasure is understood to be a hormonally and neurally controlled change in the physical condition which, from a biological point of view, aims at sexual mating in order to ensure reproduction and thus the survival of the species. In men, the processes of orgasm are used for fertilization so that sufficient amounts of sperm can be expelled. In women, too, sexual arousal is necessary for sexual connection, but not an orgasm. However, many research results indicate that a high degree of sexual arousal and orgasm in women could facilitate the uptake of sperm.

Sexual arousal can be triggered by experiencing desire and being desired, as well as by looking at or simply imagining people, situations or objects with which sexual desire and desire are connected. The excitement is increased by facing physical contact.

Biologically, the limbic system is activated in the brain, an evolutionarily very old part of the brain that is responsible for emotions and instinctual behavior and their control. When aroused, the activity of the vegegative nervous system is increased and hormones are released to prepare for mating. The blood pressure rises, the blood flow and the sensitivity of the skin increase, as does the blood flow to the pelvic organs and the genital area, i.e. the clitoris, labia and vagina. The vaginal glands begin to secrete secretion, which acts as a biological lubricant and buffers the acidic pH of the vagina so that the sperm cells are not inhibited from moving.

The arousal is further increased - through a sustained attunement of thinking, feeling and imagination, through continued and suitable contact stimuli of the erogenous zones, and through functioning stimulation of the clitoris and vagina manually and / or by picking up and moving the penis in the vagina , the prerequisites for an orgasm can be given.

In women, orgasm leads to a further, considerable increase in sensory perception in the stimulated erogenous zones, to an increase in heartbeat, blood pressure and breathing and to an involuntary contraction of the muscles of the uterus and vagina, which, however, is not noticed by all women. and to a maximum point of pleasure followed by a subsequent deep relaxation.