Is it fair to be wrong

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Wish of all people
Most people want it to be fair between people, that one is treated fairly. So justice describes a certain behavior, it is a virtue. Even the ancient Greek philosophers like Aristotle and Plato thought about justice and that a state and a society cannot function without justice.
Justice in the rule of law

In a constitutional state like the Federal Republic of Germany, justice is the top priority. The constitution and laws set out the rules that apply in the state, and these laws apply equally to all people. This creates important prerequisites for it to be as fair as possible for all citizens.

What is fair

People don't always agree on what exactly is fair. There are different views on many individual questions. Is it fair, for example, if two sisters receive the same amount of pocket money from their parents, although one sister regularly receives money from her godmother, but the other sister does not? Or is it fair if all wrong parking people have to pay the same fine, no matter how much they earn?

Justice between states

The question of justice also plays a major role in international politics. For example, relations between rich and poor countries are often not fair.

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