What is it like not to have children?

Intentional childlessness: when women don't want to be mothers

Julia *, in her mid-30s, is also in a similar situation to me. Future motherhood is not entirely out of the question, but children are out of the question at the moment. She grew up in a small village where it is considered normal for a woman to get married and have children. It was only in the past two to three years that her decision not to follow this conservative way of life became firmly established. Julia enjoys her freedom and free time too much for that. "The biggest fear of children comes to me when I think that a person is completely dependent on me, especially in the first time after the birth, that occupies me 24 hours a day and thus limits my freedom," says Julia. She let her family and friends participate in her decision-making process against children, so that she was largely spared negative reactions. In her professional environment, at a large automotive company, she prefers to keep her opinion to herself. She also tends to be cautious about friends who are pregnant or who want to have children: "I don't want to convince anyone of my attitude and I respect when friends want children," says Julia. The only person who occasionally gets lightly reproaching her is her mother. At least sometimes Julia has to hear from her that children are “such an enrichment”, says Julia.