What are they in groups of society

The problematization of social groups in the state and society

Violent events create atmospheres of threat and insecurity. Among the calls for political and judicial solutions, the security question is answered with the determination and processing of supposedly specific social groups: the Islamist terrorists, the ultras or the black block are attempts to personify social phenomena. Little is known about how social groups are problematized and how the members thus created become active themselves. This volume brings together current research findings on the problematization of social groups and offers the analytical-conceptual potential for social science research.

The content

· Theoretical perspectives for personifying social problems

· Doing Problem Group as (de) stabilization of categories in the course of their institutional processing

· Doing Problem Group in active and passive expressions of problematic attributions

· Processes and effects of problem group constructions


The target groups

Scientists, lecturers and students in sociology, criminology, political, cultural and educational sciences, social work / social pedagogy and philosophy


The editor

Dr. Dörte Negnal is Junior Professor for Social Scientific Criminology at the Department of Education | Psychology from the University of Siegen.