Something about you scares you

Do something every day that scares you

Last update: 15th March, 2018

Fear is one of those forces that either makes us outgrow ourselves or it makes us slaves to ourselves. Either we set self-defense mechanisms in motion and face the danger or we build a wall behind which we hide from the world. That is why we have to look fear in the eye so that it does not grow uncontrollably. So today I would like to suggest to you: Do something every day that scares you.

Chances are, the people who love you don't invite you because they want to protect you. Often times, they'll try to convince you toonot to exceed your limits, not to risk anything and not to expose yourself to the uncomfortable feeling, to face your fear. You only mean well. Fear is not a pleasant feeling, although there are many people these days who are downright addicted to risk.

"A person who is afraid without danger invents danger to justify his fear."


Under normal circumstances, we perceive fear as something that worries us and that we want to distance ourselves from as quickly as possible. The worst part is that this is how we create lifestyles that prevent us from getting any further.

Do something that scares you - or in other words: leave your comfort zone

Our comfort zone is where we can easily have everything under control. We could also call it routine, the known, or habits, and for this very reason it invites us to dwell in it, without facing challenges, without growing and advancing.

Of course, it's very healthy to have a comfort zone. Physical and emotional space that allows us to put worries aside for a moment and to distance ourselves from them for a while to make decisions, just enjoy the little things and do nothing but find peace. These free spaces are absolutely necessary in order to process experiences, internalize them and bring ourselves back into balance.

But sometimes it also happens that they act like a bubble that keeps us away from enriching experiences. Like retreats that we never want to leave again. They help us keep fears at bay, even those that we face and that we need to overcome in order to grow or to alleviate any suffering. Therefore, doing something that scares me is basically a request to the self to step out of its comfort zone.

Fear is hiding everywhere

In general, fear serves to protect us from danger. But when it becomes excessively large, it besieges our soul. It follows its very own dynamic: it feeds itself. Our fear usually increases on its own. And if we don't set a limit for it, it can even increase immeasurably.

We all need a little fear to live, but we also all run the risk of letting it get us down. Often this happens unconsciously. When we are afraid to speak in front of an audience, we live in such a way that we never have to do it and avoid any situations in which we would have to face that fear. That sounds logical. What is not logical is that because of this fear we may turn down small and large options.

The same thing happens with much more important things, such as suffering. We are afraid of suffering and so we avoid a thousand beautiful experiences in life to protect ourselves. Or we fear loneliness and take our freedom from ourselves so that we don't have to face our fear.

Do something every day that scares you

The crux of the matter is that there is no other way to defeat our fear than to face it. Here, too, a dynamic is set in motion in which we gradually feel more able and courageous to conquer our fear the more we face it. Courage also feeds itself ...

In addition, we slowly discover other facets of our own being when we do something that scares us. Our self-confidence grows and with it our self-love. It feels good to push those boundaries. But of course fear also has its limits. We may not be able to overcome a certain fear because we are not ready to do it and instead of nurturing our courage, we are even more fearful in the end than in the beginning.

So it can be very helpful for us to accept the invitation. Make it up to yourself like this: "I do something every day that scares me." And we can start with small fears. For example, if we are afraid of the dark, we can sit in complete darkness for a few minutes. So we get to the other bank bit by bit and feel a little stronger every time. We can also just go for a walk in an unfamiliar place that makes us feel anxious.

You, and only you, know where to start. Do you dare?

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