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10 signs that you are a true twin

Dear twins: I'm sure you all know this too. Ten typical characteristics that every true twin has:

1. Once you start talking, nothing will stop you anytime soon.

It's not even about small talk (which the Gemini also knows perfectly), but about your ability to participate in long discussions without even getting tired. And that YOU run out of arguments at some point will not happen anytime soon. No wonder that the twin usually has a job that has to do with language. Be it a journalist, translator, critic, salesman, cabaret artist or writer.

2. You are the lively center of every party.

No party without the lively twin. You are the battery on every girls evening, make the others fit, make them laugh and sparkle with ideas about all the beautiful things you can do together. You are quickly enthusiastic about new ideas - but just as quickly you can change your mind if something more exciting could be done. You will certainly never get bored.

3. You are a tiny bit indecisive ...

Well, let's call the child by name: You are not exactly the embodiment of quick decision-making. Rather, you torment yourself in hours of deliberation about the pros and cons, in order not to ultimately make a real decision. Maybe both are possible, you think to yourself - and often enough drive your environment to despair.

4. It's hard for you to be on one side - after all, you understand both of them.

It is the same, of course, when you are supposed to take a position. Two friends who quarrel or two different opinions in a discussion: Then you'd rather be the mediator than clearly admitting your party. The problem: You can understand both of them really well ...

5. You find it difficult to sit still.

Frau Tausend-Volt: You flutter through life like a butterfly from flower to flower. There are always new things to discover and new experiences to be had. You would like to soak everything up in you so that it goes faster and you can do everything at once. Evil tongues claim that this is why your thirst for knowledge is often only superficial. Instead of really getting to the bottom of things, your thoughts are usually somewhere else again. As a twin, you have something erratic, volatile, and fleeting. And you would love to dance at two weddings at the same time.

6. Nevertheless, you always have an open ear for your friends.

As an eloquent Gemini, you are still a good listener when your friends pour out their hearts to you. Then you listen carefully, comfort you, and give advice. Only the silence is a little difficult for you at times. When it comes to keeping something to yourself, you often feel like you're about to burst.

7. You are logical and clear when faced with problems.

Your zodiac sign is also known as the sign of logic and systematic recognition. As eloquent as you are, it is easy for you to explain complicated things in a generally understandable way. And if other people have long since become furious during an argument, you will keep a cool head for a long time. Arguing with yourself is also so difficult because you always argue clearly and logically. That upsets choleric and passionate debaters sooner or later.

8. Your sparkling energy always makes you look young.

Are you also always valued younger than you really are? This is because of your lively manner. Even as a grandma you will surely have this magical, youthful charisma and energy.

9. You love sports - especially team sports.

Because it corresponds to your nature to be constantly in movement mentally, this is also the case physically. Sitting still and not moving? Not with you! You love exercise, sport - preferably team sport. Then you really bloom. Especially since you have enough ambition to really fight.

10. You need to be reminded from time to time to take a rest.

With all the bustle that you show, you should take a break every now and then. Unfortunately, you're not really good at it. Often, after a stressful day, you just can't put your head down and you can hardly rest. Learning relaxation techniques would therefore always be good advice for the fidgety twin.

These celebs are also twins:

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