What are the disadvantages of boarding schools

Advantages and disadvantages of boarding schools

When choosing the right school, most parents have only the best for their child in mind, carefully weighing the advantages and disadvantages of boarding schools. Boarding schools certainly have a number of advantages when you consider that this form of schooling is a completely different one. Even if the learning content is perhaps the same as that at a grammar school or a secondary school, the social system will have a special effect on the students. This is how we thought when we wanted to enroll our child in a secondary school. The question of a local high school or boarding school arose for this reason. If you - as is common today - scour the Internet to find out about all kinds of topics, why shouldn't you also look for the advantages and disadvantages of boarding schools? Today children have a say in the family when it comes to their schooling. Many have the desire to determine for themselves which career they would like to take. It was the same with us, our son decided to go to boarding school.

Which boarding school is right for my child?

A good boarding school gives the child the opportunity to try out boarding school life, i.e. to spend a night or two there. This is one reason why one should take a closer look at such a house. The concept of the boarding school also plays a major role, of course. As a mother, I ask myself the following questions:

  • What is the tone in the boarding school and what is the level?
  • Is the child's personality development important?
  • What curriculum does the boarding school follow?
  • What care system is there outside of class time?

These questions were very important to me, because it is not only the lessons that the child attends in the boarding school, after all, they also live here and spend their free time and nights there. After a lot of information, I decided to take a look at one of the boarding schools on the lietz-schulen.de website.

Advantages and disadvantages of boarding schools in school work

It is certainly seen as a disadvantage that one's own child is rarely at home and the children also still have to get used to this condition. But if you consider the possibilities that the child later has through such a school education, you accept this - mainly because you get used to it - but accept it. In addition, teachers at international boarding schools as well as in domestic ones are specialized in supporting the transition phase and acclimatization of the children. The high-quality schooling and the different educational measures depending on the focus will - I am sure - have a very positive effect on my son's future career.