Why do beautiful women marry average men

Age at marriage: Married 30 to 34 year olds

The women 32, the men just under 35: That is the average wedding age in Germany. Nevertheless, people are not always eager to trust themselves.

It wasn't that long ago you got married before you turned 30. This was the case for men until the mid-1990s and for women until a good ten years ago. Today, men are on average just under 35 years old, women 32. As you can see on our map, marriage is not equally popular with Germans at this stage: especially in the east, 30 to 34-year-olds take it easy. The Cottbusers apparently have the least panic at the end of the gate: only one in five people in this age group wears a wedding ring. This is amazing because the proportion of married people in all adults in East and West does not differ; every second person is officially bound. It is noticeable that only cities achieve the lowest values, and most of them are in the east, the exceptions being Kiel and Trier. Bayern, on the other hand, defend their reputation for being a little more conservative in their love life. The east-west difference could explain the fact that East Germans do not consider it so important to get married when they have children: in the east only half of all parents of underage children have a marriage certificate, in the west it is three quarters of these couples.

Source: Federal Statistical Office and own calculations