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21 ideas for a relaxed weekend of boredom at home


Staying at home is a pretty good idea at the moment: on the one hand the weather is bad, on the other hand we don't want the coronavirus to break out any further. That is why fudder has tips on how to spend the hours at home.

1.) Do only one thing at a time

The podcast in your ear, your cell phone in your hand, your finger in your nose: do you always do several things at the same time? Then just concentrate on one thing: read ’a book or listen to’ a podcast and just lie around on the sofa.

2.) Cooking an elaborate dish

When was the last time you cooked a three-course menu? Christmas doesn't count! Far too often we spit our food together in the evening or smear a sandwich. Cooking can be so relaxing. Let yourself be inspired by your cookbooks or internet blogs and prepare a delicious meal. For example, beetroot carpaccio as a starter, cauliflower curry as a main course and tarte tatin as a dessert. Geilo!

3.) Drink coffee and read the newspaper - for two hours

Time almost stands still: lounging comfortably in bed or on the sofa with the daily newspaper under your arm and freshly brewed coffee in a mug. You can then quickly see how long it has been since you just browsed without the pressure for the next appointment. Should be done more often!

4.) Learn something new / take an online course

How often do we resolve to learn a new language or finally the ten-finger system? Then how often do we do it? Just! But a break at home, which may turn into boredom, can also be an opportunity - provided you have WiFi. We are big fans of YouTube tutorials: From "Learn chess in 30 minutes" to "Skate tips for beginners" to "Cut your own pony" - let's go!

5.) Call an old friend

A little trite, admittedly. But the simplest things are usually the most difficult. Because the more time you let pass between conversations with your good friends, the greater your reluctance to just call. It may be that we speak from experience.

The moment when the foot dips into the comfortably warm water, touches the foam and within seconds the warmth spreads throughout the body: Yeah, that counts as a feeling of happiness for us. Then add a glass of red wine, put the cucumber mask on your face and watch your favorite series on Netflix - do we have to say more?

7.) Give your favorite Freiburg restaurant a good rating on Google

Have you really, and honestly, decided to do that very, very often? Haha, welcome to the club! But congratulations, now is finally the time for your expert gastro criticism under the Google entry of your favorite restaurant. Leave a few nice words and then go back to dinner soon!

8.) Do a one hour yoga tutorial

Roll out the yoga mat without time pressure and do a tutorial that not only takes 30 minutes, but really long? Pretty cool idea for a weekend at home. And then you drove down so blatantly that you can float on to the sofa to continue relaxing there. That's a promise: You're already very close to "letting go of the fifth".

9.) Play with the dog / cat - but really long

We all love our animals - but far too often we only notice them in hectic everyday life without really dealing with them. They are the chill gurus par excellence. We tested it: scratching the cat's stomach for an hour is at least as relaxing as three hours in the sauna, and walking the dog through the forest is just as relaxing. And if you go a step further, you can romp around with your animal for a whole hour - only to do the same afterwards and sleep for 16 hours.

10.) Puzzles or Scrabble or Mastermind

We love games! Unfortunately, there aren't that many people who share this passion. It is one of the few things that you can still do analog and completely forget the time. Some puzzles, others scrabble and others lose themselves at Mastermind - now we just have to deal with losing too.

11.) Make a backup for your smartphone or computer

In a category with the online gastro criticism (point 7!). Already done a thousand times and discarded a thousand times because something else came up. Back-ups for smartphones and computers really make sense and saved our lives a bit when the cell phone plopped into the Atlantic last autumn.

Naaa? Have you been waiting for this tip? You see - reading a book is always a good idea. We belong to the "bookworm" category and are always on the go with a book, but reading during the day - when you are not on vacation or in the sun - is rare here too. And there is enough material: We recommend "Idaho" by Emily Ruskovich, "A Thousand Lines of Lies" by Juan Moreno and "Origin" by Sasa Stanisic.

13.) Watch an inspiring Ted talk

Stress can also be positive. Your body language affects how others see you. The power of vulnerability. These are not titles from self-help books, but three of the most popular Ted Talks of all time. They last a maximum of 20 minutes and are guaranteed to contain information that you are not yet familiar with. fudder tip: "10 things you didn’t know about orgasm".

One nap a day keeps the doctor away - but don't sleep too long, otherwise your circulation won't get going afterwards. Half an hour is perfect and healthy. If you want to learn more about the science of sleep: "Why we sleep" by Matthew Walker is a great book, in German it is called "The great book of sleep".

15.) Create a new playlist

For the birthday of your loved one, the wedding of your best friend or just for you: Playlists make life more beautiful and let you revel in the past.

Already clear, we already had the point "doing yoga". But even if meditation is part of yoga and vice versa, we dedicate a separate point to meditation. Because that has to be learned! Whether on a chair, a pillow or the floor: Find a position in which you can sit undisturbed for a while and start with five or ten minutes. Either completely in silence or accompanied by a spoken meditation - it's available on Spotify or as a podcast or app.

17.) Donate money to an organization that you have wanted to support for a long time

"There is nothing good, unless you do it." With the saying of our grandparents in our ears, we usually stand like an ox in front of the mountain when we want to donate money. To which organization? In what amount? Do you want to split everything up at once or do you prefer? Take your time to find out about the different donation options.

18.) Finally understand your Digi-Cam

There was a time, long before Instagram, when you asked for a digital camera for your birthday. It is now in the drawer and is dying of boredom because no one is concerned with it. Stop it! The pictures are really great if you know the right settings. You now have time to deal with them.

19.) Tidy wardrobe

If you have a tidy wardrobe, you are a better person. This is total gravy bullshit, of course, but how else are we supposed to draw your attention to this subject? It is confirmed that tidying up and mucking out creates space in life. Okay, you could have figured it out yourself.

20.) Perfect your resume

The next application is sure to come! Anyone who hates writing applications, as we do, can now write down their résumé. Because what is done is done. Then you just have to update the next job offer and off you go. A little tip on the side: A résumé shouldn't be longer than two pages and gaps are perfectly okay these days!

Awesome, we actually needed 20 points to get to the quintessence of chilling and boredom: good old sleep. Take a hat or two of them and when you wake up you can go through the list all over again.

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