How can I learn to fight on the street?

How can you fight? (in the street)

read through the question before you judge ...

You don't need to mince your words, man is a monster and used to like to watch decapitation and fighting, man is still cruel, today it is the videos of accidents or wars of repulsive onlookers who filmed it. Violent films, games. I hate violence and love every being in the world, but my head says "I have to see blood and violence" from films or games, e.g. a fighting game or you stop opponents online (fun because of tactics and skill) it's okay Having fun shooting at your opponents, can really but not bring heart to hurt someone innocent. When I got a video of someone going into a mosque and shooting people there, I felt bad all day, it was cruel and revolting (is real violence and violence in films Not the same)

Why do some people need this violence? This action? It's really nice to relax after a hard day of training. Or you just watch cool films (not a war film) someone's skull is chopped off with a sword, the cut becomes bloody and the head rolls (brain says: wow blatant kill, luckily it's only film)

Why do we need this violence? Does that have anything to do with our psyche?

Why do you feel good after killing your opponent in games?