Is Duterte from the Philippines credible

The Philippines threaten to leave the international criminal court

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said he was considering terminating his membership in Manila before he left for the summit of the Pacific Rim States (APEC) in Peru. "Why? Because these shameless people only hit small countries like ours." A prosecutor in the Hague court warned Duterte in October that he was risking charges over his bloody fight against drug-related crime. Since Duterte took office in June, more than 3,000 suspected drug dealers have died, many of them in police operations. Duterte's motto was to make short work of dealers.

Duterte described the International Criminal Court (ICC) as "useless". He expressed frustration with the West's allegations of killings in its fight against drugs, even without a court order. He also accused the United Nations of failing to prevent wars around the world.

Russia sees a lack of independence and efficiency

Several African countries had also announced their exit. Most recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin also withdrew the signature he had already given to the basic treaty. Moscow criticized the way the criminal court in The Hague handled conflicts in which Russia is also involved, as well as a lack of independence and efficiency. Russia had signed the Rome Statute to establish the Court of Justice in 2000, but had not yet ratified the treaty - as had China, the USA and Israel.

The Hague Criminal Court has existed since 2002. It legally prosecutes genocides, war crimes and crimes against humanity worldwide.

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