How can I get a code review

Show the "number of days spent in the column" indicator on the cards

When you put a tick in the checkbox Days in column one point per day that the card has spent in this column is displayed on each card in this column (up to the width of the column or a maximum of 32 days). In this way, slowly progressing processes can be highlighted, which can be particularly interesting if your board is represented as a wallboard.

Notice that the indicator shows the total number of days if you drag an issue back into a column where the issue has been before.

For example: You drag an activity into the "In Progress" column and it stays there for 2 days. You then drag the issue into the "Code Review" column and it stays there for 1 day. During the code review, you get feedback and it turns out that more development is needed, so drag the issue back to the "In Progress" column, where it will stay for 1 day. In this example, the indicator shows a total of 3 days that the operation has been in the "In Progress" column.

Disabling this indicator can result in better performance. If you have a large instance (i.e. 300,000+ issues, 100+ projects, 100+ boards, or 100+ open sprints), we recommend deactivating this option.

By default, this indicator is deactivated for Scrum boards and activated for Kanban boards.