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Game of Thrones: Tommen Baratheon, the good-natured king

Biography of Tommen Baratheon

Tommen Baratheon is actually not a Baratheon, but the son of Cersei and Jaime. The death of his brother Joffrey lifts him to the Iron Throne at a young age. Check out our Game of Thrones character biography to see why his death may be the most tragic of the series.

Wisdom. Wisdom makes a good king.

Tommen to Tywin Lannister

After the death of his brother Joffrey Baratheon in Game of Thrones season 4, Tommen Baratheon ascends the Iron Throne. He is actually the son of Cersei and Jaime Lannister and thus a bastard of the Lannisters. Since Cersei keeps this secret for as long as possible and denies it publicly, Tommen Westeros rules as Baratheon and apparently legitimate heir to Robert Baratheon.

Game of Thrones_Tommen Baratheon

Tommen gets married to Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones season 5 to strengthen the alliance with the Tyrells. The somewhat older Margaery knows how to win over the young Tommen and he soon falls in love with her. With her at his side, he would like to lead a peaceful and unified state.

State and religion

This state should be based on the values ​​of the seven. He also abolishes judgment through struggle because, in his opinion, it has resulted in too many unnecessary and innocent sacrifices. Instead, Loras and Cersei should be tried in Game of Thrones season 6 in the Great Septe of Baelor.

On the day of the trial, Tommen wants to leave for the Great Septe of Baelor, but the revived Gregor Clegane locks his door and prevents Tommen from leaving his apartment.

Despair and suicide

From a window he watches how the great septa of Baelor explodes in sea fire. Cersei had almost all of her enemies gathered there and executed them all at once. Tommen can't handle losing his beloved wife. He realizes that he will never be able to build a just state in the presence of his mother and commits suicide by throwing himself out the window.

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