What begs


begging (German) [edit]

Verb [edit]

Word separation:

begging, simple past: begging, participle II: begging


IPA: [ˈbɛtl̩n]
Audio samples: beg (Info)
Rhymes: -ɛtl̩n


[1] imploringly to ask for something; imploring someone to give him something free of charge (which may be needed to survive)

Sense releated words:

[1] scrounge


[1] During the day begged he in the pedestrian zone.
He (the political scientist and ethnologist Peter Kenzelmann) hired a team of historians and museum managers, found a bank to finance and begged with people to leave him all sorts of East Germans for the museum.[1]
[1] [Farmer woman Fran Ha Thi Qui on the Mỹ Lai massacre]: "When the Americans came, my husband was in the rice field with the cows. I was at home with my child," reports the now 75-year-old. "Suddenly they were shooting wildly. I was shot. My child was there. He begged for his life, but without success. It was so cruel. "[2]
[1] There are 30 children standing behind the wire fence. "Gimme chocolate", they ask the 27-year-old. "You begged not, they just asked for chocolate, "he [US raisin bomber pilot Gail S. Halvorsen] remembers.[3]
[1] “Emaciated figures on the streets of Vienna. Women, children, old people begged rummaged in the garbage for something to eat. "[4]

Characteristic word combinations:

[1] a homeless manbegs for almsbeg, to get an autographbeg, about breadbeg, for admissionbeg, to feedbeg, for (mild) giftsbeg, for mercybeg, for changebeg, for pitybeg, about foodbeg, for forgivenessbeg, about affectionbeg
[1] downrightbeg for something, in vainbeg about something

Word formations:

poor beggar; Begging, begging mafia, beggars, begging

Translations [edit]

References and further information:

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