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Buy DigiByte (DGB) Coin

Last updated: 03/15/2021

Although DigiByte is still one of the less well-known crypto currencies in this country, it can be quite interesting for crypto trading. Buying DigiByte can therefore be an alternative to Bitcoins.

The technical innovations in particular make DigiByte an interesting system. The developers have been working on providing a fast and secure cryptocurrency since 2013. DigiByte's focus is on cybersecurity. DigiByte is also trying to increase its awareness and potential. Buying DigiByte could be worthwhile in the long term.

What is Digibyte Coin?

One of the special features of DigiByte is that this currency is mainly focused on the Asian market, where cryptocurrencies have traditionally enjoyed great popularity. Buy DigiByte is already widespread there. The cryptocurrency is based on a rapidly growing, public and decentralized blockchain. However, DigiByte is still one of the rather unknown cryptocurrencies, which is said to have great potential. Since its introduction, the price of the cryptocurrency has developed positively.

The programmer Jared Tate, who is behind the cryptocurrency, wanted to create a currency that was safer and faster than Bitcoin. Therefore, DigiByte began to be developed in 2013 and the first block was published in January. A token sale or ICO did not take place. The DigiByte development team also works in areas such as artificial intelligence or the security of devices in the Internet of Things. DigiByte works with a decentralized, public blockchain.

Buy DigiByte

DGB Coin is primarily intended as a means of payment. The aim is to carry out transactions between private individuals and business customers quickly. Investors who buy DigiByte and want to invest in this crypto currency for the long term hope for an increase in value. You buy coins of the currency and want to sell them later for a profit. In addition, an investment can be worthwhile, as DigiBytes are much cheaper than Bitcoins or other crypto currencies. A DigiByte currently costs less than one euro.

If cryptocurrencies prices rise again, smaller cryptocurrencies with a good technical basis such as DigiByte could benefit from this in particular.

In addition, DigiByte is worth buying if you want to distribute your investments across several crypto currencies. For investors who are looking for a Bitcoin alternative, DigiByte is very suitable as a new crypto currency due to its technical possibilities.

DigiByte Wallet

Interested parties can download several wallets for different operating systems on the DigiByte website. Investors can use these to store and manage their coins and carry out transactions. No crypto wallet is required for CFD trading with cryptocurrencies. If you opt for a desktop wallet, you can download it directly to your PC and thus become part of the DigiByte community.

Mobile wallets are particularly suitable for sending and receiving transactions on the go. Here you install the wallet directly on the smartphone, which, however, can consume a lot of storage space. Online wallets do not have to be stored on your own devices.

Here all data is saved online on the provider's server. With a hard wallet, you keep your coins separate from the internet. Before you register on a trading platform to buy DigiByte, you have to install a DigiByte wallet.

One of the oldest cryptocurrencies on the market

DigiByte was developed in 2013 and is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies on the market. Buying DigiByte has been possible for some time. Behind the crypto currency is the developer Jared Tate, who has set himself the goal of improving Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum with his crypto currency.

He wants to build a more effective, better and longer blockchain. Safety should always be guaranteed. With the help of five different methods of mining, the aim is to avoid hacker attacks and counterfeiting. In addition, the scalability is considered very high, as a maximum of 280,000 transactions per second are possible. However, this value will only be reached in 2035. In the same year, the maximum amount of DigiByte should also be available via the blockchain.

DigiBytes cannot be hacked, destroyed or faked. Users can take part in mining. Ultimately, 21 billion coins can be produced in this way.

Fact check

The Digibyte Coin also wants to compete with payment service providers such as PayPal or VISA in the long term. Mining should help with this.

  • currently over 10 billion coins in circulation
  • stak decentralized network
  • special focus on security

Digibyte rate Euro

The development of the DigiByte course seems rather unusual at first glance. Trading started at the beginning of February 2014. At that time it was possible to buy DigiByte for only 0.001 euros. However, the price sank again after a short time. It then stayed at this low level for a few years. Prices around 0.00042 euros were not uncommon. In the meantime, the price increased briefly to EUR 0.055, but then fell again.

When there was a boom in the industry, DigiByte also increased and DigiByte buy cost 0.1124 euros. This was followed by further price falls. Today a DigiByte is worth EUR 0.0083 - please note that this may be different if you are reading this article; the course is constantly evolving.

The DigiByte course went way up twice. During the crypto boom at the end of 2017, the cryptocurrency reached a high compared to the dollar, and in the summer of 2017 a high compared to Bitcoin. Further corrections followed after both highs.

Digibyte forecast

DigiByte is one of the 100 most important cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency ranking. Since there is a lot of criticism of Bitcoin - speed and scalability are among the problem areas - users are looking for an alternative.

Buying DigiByte speaks primarily with speed and a decentralized, well-established blockchain. DigiByte is considered to be more decentralized than Bitcoin. Buying DigiByte has long been possible for less than a cent. In the meantime, the rate rose to one or two cents. In addition, the currency had to accept clear losses again and again.

For example, in March 2017 the rate fell from EUR 0.02 to just EUR 0.05 within a few days. Nevertheless, a value of 0.10 euros seems quite possible. However, this also depends on the further development of the entire industry. An exact DigiByte forecast is difficult to make. Buy DigiByte is still a very cheap system.

Digibyte chart

Some providers regularly publish charts of cryptocurrencies. Here traders can find out more about price developments so far and can thus derive forecasts for further development. Certain periods of time can be shown in charts. Traders learn more about cryptocurrencies, can carry out a more detailed analysis and receive important information about good times to buy DigiByte.

In the DigiByte Chart, traders can test several representations and display historical price developments from different time intervals. A thorough analysis is also very useful when buying DigiByte. In addition, many traders watch news about cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.

DigiByte News should also pay attention to traders. If there are changes in bitcoins, these often also affect other crypto currencies. After the last enormous price decline, it was observed that the prices of many crypto currencies stabilized and volatility decreased. The prices for buying DigiByte and other Altcoins have also stabilized.

Reasons to Buy DigiBytes

Buy DigiByte is particularly interesting because of its technological properties and security. These two factors could also be important for cryptocurrency in the future. Long-term establishment as a means of payment also seems conceivable. In addition, some well-known companies such as Microsoft or Facebook are already interested in DigiByte and have entered into cooperations with the crypto currency. To this end, DigiByte work together with software development companies.

DigiByte's market capitalization is currently rather low. It is currently around 86 million euros. A daily transaction volume of up to 700,000 euros is currently being traded on the various stock exchanges and trading platforms around the world.

Traders receive special security from nextmarkets, your broker for CFD and Forex trading, when buying cryptocurrencies with PayPal. DigiByte is not tradable with the broker, but five popular virtual currencies as CFD. Often the providers also offer to buy crypto currencies via credit card. Buying DigiByte with PayPal has the advantage that the well-known payment service provider does not pass on any account details to third parties. In addition, this method of payment is very fast.

Digibyte mining pool

In order to be able to buy DigiByte, mining is also important. DigiByte mining is carried out using powerful graphics cards and is also possible for private individuals if their PC is sufficiently powerful. However, the cost of mining has increased while the yields have decreased.

Therefore, mining is hardly worthwhile at DigiByte. Digging for cryptocurrencies is completely decentralized at DigiByte. DigiByte works with five algorithms when mining. At 15 seconds, the block time is around 40 times faster than with Bitcoin. Around 560 transactions per second can currently take place.

This is more than PayPal. However, VISA manages 2,000 transactions per second. DigiByte wants to overtake the front runner by 2035 and create up to 280,000 transactions per second. DigiByte needs one and a half minutes for a transaction confirmation. When it comes to mining, DigiByte uses DigiShield technology, which is also used by other cryptocurrencies today. Each DigiByte Mining Pool works with different levels of difficulty.

Digibyte blockchain

Anyone interested in buying DigiByte should also find out more about the blockchain. The DigiByte blockchain is considered to be more decentralized than that of Bitcoin. A new block is created on the blockchain every 15 seconds. All transactions via the blockchain are linked to limits. These are intended to increase speed, safety and efficiency. In addition, DigiByte integrated SegWit at an early stage in order to carry out expansions.

In the case of Bitcoin, there was a lot of discussion about the SegWit update, which took place relatively late there. Segregated Witness aimed to improve the scalability of cryptocurrencies.

Compared to Bitcoins, DigiBytes are actually considered to be more secure. Since the blockchain is larger, it can hold more information, but the speed remains the same. When it comes to bitcoins, there is always criticism of the scalability and speed of the blockchain. If many users are active on the blockchain at the same time, this does not reduce the speed.

Already knew?

DigiByte is still a comparatively unknown crypto currency in this country, but it already has some experience.

  • At least 200,000 users on the blockchain
  • DigiByte was also active in gaming
  • second large blockchain with SegWit

Digibyte future

With many smaller cryptocurrencies, it is not possible to make an exact forecast for the future. Little can be said about the future of Digibyte either. However, changes in the crypto market could lead to a rapid rise in prices. Therefore, DigiByte buy could soon pay off.

Many functions that we know from cryptocurrencies today go back to DigiByte. These include the multi-algorithm and SegWit. DigiByte is a pioneer in many innovations. Still, it took a while for DigiByte Buy to be successful. Today the cryptocurrency has established itself among the top 100 and the chances that DigiByte will continue to consolidate there are good.

When John McAfee, the developer of the well-known anti-virus software, commented on DigiByte on Twitter in December 2017, this brought the cryptocurrency a lot of attention. Not only did the price rise within just a few hours, some media reports followed.

Security at DigiByte

Security is a particular focus at DigiByte. The developers assume that the blockchain protects against 90 percent of the biggest vulnerabilities on the Internet. In the future, the developers want to implement further measures that include the Internet of Things. In addition, research is being carried out on topics such as the combination of blockchain with artificial intelligence. Here they want to research the topics of automation and data analysis.

In order to manipulate the blockchain, hackers would have to manipulate 93 percent of the hashes in one of the five algorithms used and 51 percent of the hashes in the other four algorithms, which is very unlikely.

A hash algorithm converts data of any length into a data set with a fixed length. A hash is always created from the same data. However, if you only change a small piece of the hash, the entire hash changes. A hash consists of long strings of numbers.

Buy Digibyte Euro

There are currently over 16.8 DigiBytes that traders can also buy in euros. The Digibyte rate Euro has been increasing since 2017. Since DigiByte is still a relatively small crypto currency, DigiByte EUR is not yet offered on many crypto exchanges.

DigiByte is still a fairly small Internet currency; Buy DigiByte, however, is very suitable for diversifying the portfolio. nextmarkets offers trading in numerous larger and smaller crypto currencies, so that traders can find an ideal mix here, even if DigiByte is not available here. In addition, CFD trading allows you to bet on falling and rising prices in crypto trading. The crypto broker nextmarkets enables trading with 5 popular crypto currencies via its crypto currency app.

Traders are again protected when buying Digibyte in euros via a broker, as brokers have long been subject to the regulation of financial supervisory authorities. After opening a trading account, trading with DigiByte Euro is possible.

Technical features at DigiByte

As with Bitcoin, the maximum number of coins was limited to 21 billion in order to prevent inflation. The goal is to pay out exactly one billion of them every year. So if you started buying DigiBytes early on, you will benefit in the long term.

From a technical point of view, DigiByte is clearly superior to many other cryptocurrencies. The fact that the crypto currency is still little known could be related to the fact that DigiByte invests comparatively little in marketing, which is rather unusual compared to other crypto currencies.

In recent years there have been some hard forks that have further improved the cryptocurrency system. When the DigiSpeed ​​hard fork was carried out in 2015, transactions became significantly faster again. Since then, the block time has been cut in half again, so that a new block can be created in just 15 seconds. Every two years the developers double the transactions that can be carried out per second.

Conclusion: DigiByte with special technology

If you are interested in buying crypto currencies, DigiByte is an interesting alternative to larger crypto currencies. The cryptocurrency was founded in 2013 and is particularly interesting due to its technical possibilities.

Cyber ​​security is the main focus at DigiByte. The cryptocurrency wants to be faster and safer than Bitcoin and is constantly working to improve its technology. DigiByte is still quite unknown in Europe, while buying DigiByte is already more widespread in Asia. The blockchain is more decentralized than Bitcoin's blockchain. Mining is done using five different algorithms. DigiByte is therefore considered to be particularly forgery-proof.

In addition, up to 280,000 transactions per second should be possible by 2035. DigiByte is thus developing into a very fast cryptocurrency. A total of 21 million coins can be produced. Buy DigiByte is still very cheap. In the long term, however, the value of the digital currency can certainly rise.

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