Are web development jobs stable

Are web development jobs always that stressful? [closed]

JB King

Not always. My work in ASP.Net web development and its predecessors has been very different over the years. I have seldom been to a sweat shop environment, although I saw some of my previous employers go under for various reasons. The challenge for some technologies is that it can take some time and detective work to find the right jobs.

In the 7 places I have worked, only a couple of situations have had me working extra hours, which was generally due to a deadline where I often took my time shortly after the deadline was up. Most of the time, although it may have appeared as a mess, there weren't any people with massive health problems, although I've had some health problems in some of my positions that I doubt work-related as one more related to them was on a recent medication switch as a result of my recent diagnosis of diabetes while the other was a challenge for sleep apnea.

Learn what to do, what the labor laws of your jurisdiction are, and get involved in the local community that may connect with the better companies that enable their workers to have a social life.

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