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The secret of eternal youth deciphered?


1 The secret of eternal youth deciphered? Scientists are on the trail of the causes of aging Interview with a rejuvenation trainer Kassel, January 21 (fmc) A biologist at Cambridge University wants to abolish aging altogether. Aubrey de Gray is now famous for his thesis that healthy humans can live to be a thousand years old. After evaluating much research work over the last few decades, this age-old dream of mankind could come true in this century. "People who live to be years old are already living with us today," said de Gray. We spoke to a coach who, at 64, looks more like a twenty-five year old. Frank McCormack, you look rather inconspicuous dressed if we would have considered you to be significantly younger even without any noteworthy wrinkles on your face. When you take off your top, even we are amazed: What is your secret, have you been genetically modified, are Aubrey de Grey's guinea pig? "No, everything you see is based on nothing other than pure body weight exercises and stretching." No wonder drugs, injections, dietary supplements or tanning salons, no skin tightening, cosmetic surgery, botox? "For God's sake! Let's go through it systematically: Miracle drugs often only make their manufacturers rich. Syringes are even more superfluous. Everything that the body cannot produce itself or naturally absorb into the bloodstream with food, I am extremely happy Suspicious of. Dietary supplements are another topic. There are many things that can be useful, depending on diet and individual stress. I would recommend magnesium, for example. But a short interview is not enough to explain it in detail. I keep the usual tanning salon There is usually only UV-A, the longest-wave ultraviolet irradiated. This tans quickly, but leaves the skin unprotected, unlike natural sunlight. Those who often go to the tanning salon are 87% more likely to to suffer from skin cancer, melanoma (German Cancer Society), but humans need UV-B for skin health and to produce enough vitamin D. That is why tanning salon visitors often have their depression in winter like everyone else. Surgical skin tightening is completely unnecessary. Wrinkles form because the body no longer reliably breaks down its superfluous skin cells with increasing age. Wrinkles also form from losing weight too quickly, but that's another huge issue. With my methods, wrinkles even recede. Without any commercial cosmetic products. And botox is a chemical warfare agent that paralyzes the facial muscles. This gives the impression that the skin is smoother. The facial muscles, however, have an effect on the mood. Those who can no longer form laugh lines are more likely to become depressed. In addition, he is perceived by others as less empathetic. "How do you then make you look decades younger?" Above all, five physical exercises are necessary. These strengthen and maintain the muscles and bones. And the stretching exercises lead to more flexibility. When stretching, messenger substances are released that stimulate autophagocytosis. As a result, the body continues to break down the superfluous old cells even in old age. This keeps the skin youthfully smooth. "Do you need special training equipment? Can anyone learn that?" I can teach everyone that in a few days. The most important training device is your own body. My method hardly costs a quarter of an hour a day. You can also do the individual physical exercises over several short breaks. "

2 Pain-free, young and productive up to at least 130 Wanted: women and men who want to become younger The fountain of youth method for young and old *********************** ********************* Healthy, flexible and fit into old age Wrinkle-free at the ideal weight Without osteoporosis, diabetes, gastritis, dementia Without breakage, high blood pressure and herniated disc *** ***************************************** By: Frank McCormack You must be eleven friends That was the title of a book about football when I was young. If you're my age at 64, at least one of your childhood friends has already died. Everyone else, maybe you too, will then have at least one of the typical diseases of old age and civilization. 90% of these are: o dementia o diabetes o gastritis o arteriosclerosis and heart diseases o movement restrictions o diseases of the musculoskeletal system o pulmonary emphysema o Parkinson's disease o high blood pressure o herniated disc o osteoporosis, as well as o bone or intestinal fractures and o later often osteoarthritis and joint decay. All of these diseases are preventable or naturally curable. Unfortunately, doctors or alternative practitioners are usually not healthier either. No help can therefore be expected from them. Living timelessly I am now 64 years old. For over 30 years I have lived in the body of a roughly 25 year old. Without medication, without diet. I haven't consulted a doctor in 20 years. I haven't had treatment for 30 years. I would still pass the sports selection process for the GSG 9 or KSK elite troops (or because of that?). 99% of all 25-year-olds today fail. Age-related diseases start at the age of 40. Your body starts to break down by the age of 40 at the latest. It's a program stored in your genes. Initially you lose up to 1% muscle mass every year, then up to 3% annually after 50. By the age of 75 to 80, you only have almost half your muscles. Without muscles, your bones atrophy (osteoporosis, dwindling bone density). The bones need the tension and pressure of your muscles. You fall more often, your chances of recovery decrease. Even with simple fractures, embolisms lead to fatal complications. Your body replaces bones and muscles with fat. This makes the symptoms worse. Result: you age even faster! More diapers than for toddlers For a few years now, more diapers for adults have been sold in Germany than for toddlers. Urinary incontinence is just a weakness in your pelvic floor muscles. Bladder weakness in old age is not fate, even if your doctor suffers from it himself. In the fountain of youth seminar I will show you a simple method how you can prevent or heal yourself from bladder weakness once and for all. Many are embarrassed, so they drink even less. But those who drink too little accelerate the decline in age and dementia even more. Healthy mind in a healthy body "25 year old body, who should believe that?" you will say. See for yourself: I'll prove it to you at the seminar - naked (except for a bathing suit, for the sake of propriety). And I will let you in on the secret of eternal youth. In a few days you will not only get to know my secret, you will be able to apply the same methods to yourself afterwards, with the result: eternal youth! Photos: The effect of just 15 minutes of training a day!

3 A Face Without Wrinkles Ten years ago, I got into trouble. I was waved out at customs at random. The customs officer paused. It took a while and two phone calls before he let me drive on, shaking my head. Because I looked older on my previous passport photo, because I still had wrinkles around my eyes (crow's feet) and an age spot. Both have since disappeared. I look younger now. How? I'll tell you that too in the seminar. One year younger every year In the beginning I got about one year younger every year. You too will get younger if you follow my example. Some of my childhood friends have died in recent years, one at 53 from cancer, another from a heart attack. My former classmates have not been able to keep up physically for a long time. Most become dependent, and if you don't change anything in your life, you will too. Some grandchildren will only know grandma or grandpa from stories or pictures. The surviving best agers complain of back problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and forgetfulness. You will have artificial hip joints inserted. A nice geriatric nurse comes three times a day and makes sure that everything is in order. Maybe she'll change your diapers. With my training methods, on the other hand, your skin becomes younger. You can keep up physically with year olds. Without wrinkles, without cellulite your wrinkles will start to disappear! Without expensive cosmetics! Without my method, your body will no longer remove your superfluous old cells from around the age of 40. This creates excess skin that is your wrinkles. In the seminar you will learn three simple healing methods for skin tightening. You will also save time, find your ideal weight and gradually lose your wrinkles. A pain-free back = healthy intervertebral discs! No more back pain With another method you can prevent back problems. Existing back pain will go away forever. Your body will repair itself. And I haven't inherited good genes. My father died at 64, my mother at 74, when the general life expectancy was well over 70 for men and over 80 for women. My uncles and aunts also died prematurely and suffered from old-age diseases. With me you will learn how to become healthy younger and then stay young. Health for free My unique method not only costs you nothing net, you don't even have to spend any net time on it. In my youth I trained with weightlifters and powerlifters, some of whom were world or European champions in their respective weight classes. That was decades ago. Unfortunately, as a management consultant, I often had to spend the night in a different hotel every week, spending 14 hours in the office. Training in a club was out of the question. Normal fitness studios are not suitable for strength training anyway. I had to relearn. The Fountain of Youth Method I had to come up with something to replace my previous training. It couldn't take any time, no preparation, no warming up, no changing clothes, no showering. I read the specialist literature. I tried. This is how the fountain of youth method came about. It is based on thirty years of research and experience that I am passing on to you. It's five simple exercises plus targeted stretching, something you can do just about anywhere. The exercises can be made even easier with simple training aids. When stretching, certain messenger substances are released that prevent the formation of wrinkles. Existing wrinkles begin to recede. Your body does not destroy itself further, but finds its way back into balance. This will improve your sleep. Your general condition resembles that of your youth again. Your body weight will normalize and your posture will tighten. Your hump recedes. If you don't have one, you won't get one either. You can finally experience your swimming pool or beach visits without feeling ashamed. Bonus programs The five simple strength exercises and the stretching exercises together are largely sufficient to stay healthy in the long term. In addition, the following special program awaits you: How you can gain an hour a day while also curing diabetes and preventing cancer. How to improve your sleep rhythm, optimize your sleep, increase and maintain your bone density and at the same time protect yourself against skin cancer and eliminate many skin impurities.

4 How to rejuvenate and relax your skin with the simplest means and thereby look years younger, without expensive skin care products. Instead, you will learn how to easily make nourishing skin oils yourself. How to improve your concentration and memory, learn faster and become more balanced. How to prevent or cure urinary incontinence (weak bladder) and erectile dysfunction. How to prevent and reduce existing hernia or testicular hernias. How to prevent a herniated disc and relieve or cure back pain, lumbago, etc. My method also has a positive effect in all other areas of life: Become more successful professionally, be it as an employee or in self-employment. Happy relationships and better partnerships, private and business. Medium and long-term life planning for success. Relaxation techniques, easy to learn and applicable anytime and anywhere. And many other things. Additional bonus: You will also receive an approx. Three hundred-page manual. These globally unique tips and literature references on - training questions, - chronic illnesses, - food supplements, - nutrition and diets, - training if you are initially overweight, - skin care and wrinkle reduction, - and many other topics complement the seminar content. The scientific basis of my method enables your real rejuvenation in a completely natural way (in contrast to the technocratic dreams of an Aubrey de Gray). The manual is also constantly being expanded and improved based on the latest findings. In addition, there are answers to questions that were asked to me in the one-on-one interviews or by, provided that they are also of interest to others. So you will stay up to date long after the seminar. This is an additional bonus beyond the scope of the contract, as long as I can. I want to make sure that even after these four days you will be able to apply this knowledge at any time throughout your long life. Discussion evenings In the discussion groups separately for women and men, topics can also be dealt with and discussed that particularly affect the respective gender, but which is precisely why they do not like to be addressed in a mixed group. And: the seminar is ultimately free of charge. A concert pianist asked me for advice. Three years ago, at the age of 55, he was already thinking of quitting. After getting to know my method, he was fully able to work again. He recently wrote to me that he felt stronger, more agile and healthier than when he was 50. He loves his job and has long since stopped thinking about quitting. Health is priceless anyway. Even being able to work one year longer or more productively is worth a multiple of the seminar fee! With my method, however, you will gain decades. Money-back guarantee If you bring a 64-year-old with you to the seminar who looks just as muscular as me, performs the same athletic performance and has practically no wrinkles, you can both attend for free. You will get your seminar fee back and the travel and accommodation costs reimbursed! The seminar from Wednesday, 16. to. Sunday, January 20, 2019 costs euros per person (see seminar schedule). Early bird until Friday December 14, 2018 pay euros. Couples together pay euros, as early bird euros. The number of participants is limited to 24, places will be allocated in the order in which payment is received. Due to the high demand, the following procedure applies: Payment request (by) after registration. Your place is reserved for four working days until receipt of payment. For the booking process, see P.S .: Each participant has the opportunity to have an additional one-on-one interview. Early bookers will be given special consideration. If you are one of the first twelve early bookers, you will also receive a set of training aids worth over 50 euros free of charge to simplify your exercises!

5 opinions from previous participants in the fountain of youth seminars Thank you very much for conveying your findings in the fountain of youth course. I am very fascinated by your extensive knowledge in various areas and the merging and condensing into a teaching that encompasses all areas of life. R.B. CH-8580 Amriswil You not only fasted yourself down by 10 kg in order to be able to show us the muscle functions, you also dealt with the topic so comprehensively in advance that I have great respect. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and please keep it up! I also thank you very much for the tip about the D-ribose powder. After taking it for 3 days, it started working on my mother. She can now breathe much better and the great side effect is a spontaneous emptying of the bowel that begins slowly. And that after more than 60 years of laxative tea !!! Thanks alot!!! Your preliminary manual is excellent, I just couldn't stop reading and I'm looking forward to the next one. U.L. D Berge Since I had a lot of previous knowledge, I was skeptical whether this seminar was for me at all. I decided to visit it anyway and haven't looked back. I found the seminar to be well structured and structured.As in my opinion, you have an incredible amount of knowledge, I also thought it was good that you simply said it to a question that you couldn't answer (great). H.L. D Dornburg-Camburg and elasticity. I like to use the skin oil and the skin feels very soft and supple. Thank you very much for your detailed email. Your information is unbeatable for me. Back then it was a lot of money for me. My feeling was not wrong, it is money very well spent. I have internalized the exercises so much that I can no longer do without them. Every exercise has a certain time frame for me and when the time is up, it has to be. S.S. D Buhla Great, all the information.You are authentic, in contrast to some coaches who only appear riotous and have no idea. The face lotion feels good, smells pleasantly nutty and in one place on my face my skin has become smoother. S.M. D Reutlingen These were very practice-oriented days, both with the exercises that were carried out and with your practical knowledge that one never hears from the so-called experts. The stretching exercises were great, I was still missing them completely - and absolutely great. Your autodidactic, time-saving areas of application, which I have never heard of in the form. Here it has been shown again, and you have expressed that very well, that body, mind and soul can always be seen as ONE. Conventional medicine and the so-called experts will never learn that. Thank you again for the invigorating days with my rating: VERY RECOMMENDED! H.B. D Kelkheim Thank you for the inspiring seminar ... R.F. D Kulmbach In spite of the many hours we spent in the room, the time went by very quickly. The weekend was very varied, amusing and I learned a lot of new things. I knew and knew other things, but gained valuable background knowledge about them. Frank is an interesting person and the way he brings his knowledge across has been impressive to me. His muscular body also convinced me to do the exercises. So far, I've been adamant about it, despite my sore muscles. I do my exercises every day and I do not take it easy. I feel much more comfortable in my body and feel more strength, thank you very much for the manual and of course for your seminar. It was extremely good for me .... Your oil is also very good for me .... I am completely enthusiastic about the exercises. It's getting better every day. It's like my body remembers my childhood and youth sports. And imagine, while reading aloud, I noticed that my voice was much stronger than it was three weeks ago. Incredible. Thank you very much. H.L. D Schöllnach Thank you very much for the manual, which reminds me of the seminar and will continue to accompany me .... I also thought the preliminary talk was important. You bring an incredible amount of networked and deep knowledge. You listen very carefully and can do almost anything

Answer 6 questions. You can also give so much. What I liked a lot is that you once said that you didn't know something. Your body lotion is great. You put so much work into it! ... You look incredibly youthful from your body and your eyes are shining .... I wish you every success, stay young and the group should meet in 3 years or for another seminar. That was a lot of work and it turned out well. The house has a special atmosphere, R. R.-P. D Alsbach Didactically, I found the days outstanding. Especially jumping from one topic to another to get back to the original one (and then placing the crucial repetitions there) is extremely effective. (It has long been proven that way ;-)). That was fun. The approach to achieve the greatest possible effect against the aging process within the shortest possible time and to achieve this with a few exercises over the entire large muscle groups of the body is ingenious. The price is justified in the end. And with a partner it really makes a lot more sense, because it is much easier to implement at home. Another feedback from me three weeks after the fountain of youth seminar: Strength training: I have gained so much weight in the last few weeks that many others notice it. For me it has already become at least two years younger in the three weeks! Since we have been using your cosmetic oil (and I also use it for the scalp), the hair on it has been getting more and more I hope and wish, no I know that the second fountain of youth seminar must have been a success ... not in vain it will actually be four or even five days ...? I could actually get jealous from the first seminar. But no matter: today I was actually addressed directly, why I had become years younger in the last few weeks. AROUND. D Reutlingen I'm enthusiastic about it ... really, very cool! B.S. D Kempten First of all, thank you once again for your incredible performance and work, as well as the seminar, which fully met or even exceeded my expectations. As for the skin care product, I am enthusiastic about how well it is quite obviously (if, as you recommended, applied in the morning) actually nourishes and protects the treated areas throughout the day and is noticeably not used up even in the evening. I am, as with everything I have read and heard from you so far, really more than satisfied and I look forward to every further opportunity to benefit from your well-read and very special kind of approach or overall view of the topics. V.G. D Burscheid The days were great. I would like to thank you for your very good seminar. I have never experienced such a great personal commitment at any further training course. If the conversation was interrupted, you picked up where you left off. Almost unique. I have enough to do with the exercises for now. When loading and unloading the lawn mower in and out of the car, I noticed that I have more strength than before. I like your interdisciplinary approach. S.R. D Friedberg Thank you very, very much for passing on this knowledge. I was and still am very impressed by the seminar and thank you for the opportunities that you have revealed to us. Yes, the topic you deal with is more than extensive and should really be forward-looking. Thanks. I also think singing is extremely important because of the feelings that arise. I think I can count on many changes in the body and will report to you if necessary. E.L. D Bamberg The seminar was so interesting that one even forgot to eat and drink. Due to his fundamental knowledge and humor, the days went by in a flash. Despite all the knowledge, Frank answered all questions that came up, so that the evenings were always longer than planned. Frank simply managed ingeniously to get to the heart of various topics of health, physical and stretching exercises as well as natural laws. The seminar was definitely worth the money! I look forward to an extension of the information and the seminar. Keep it up M.E. D Rossbrunn The seminar was excellent, Thank you very much for the particularly valuable information! C.B. CH-8706 Meilen The seminar was good - if not to say excellent. You are passionate about this topic. R.S. D Kreischa

7 I would like to thank you very much. You delivered an excellent seminar with all sorts of reasons on how to test procedures and how they arise. Your authenticity with demonstrations etc. was very impressive. Keep it up! Your care oil is absolutely great! The seminar was by far the best that we have attended in terms of health and the application is plausible and easy to carry out. I am already noticing the first successes, namely that the former back pain has now given way to sore muscles, which I know for sure will be gone soon. We keep a record of the progress and are amazed that we can see it in the few days . The strength exercises are awesome! We now do the stretching exercises much longer and feel great! Various changes have already occurred in our company, which we are very pleased about. We do the other exercises every day, even on Sundays! :-))) My back pain has also gone, the inflammation has decreased - just great! G.W. D Chemnitz, thank you very much for your detailed emails and of course also for the detailed lectures in the fountain of youth seminar. You have impressed me very much with all your knowledge, your strength and endurance, really extremely unusual! I had a lot of aha-moments and heard a lot of new things in such a short time. I was also very motivated and inspired by the content, your style and your humor and that was extremely important for me in my current situation. I also found the mix of theory and practice to be very balanced and extremely pleasant for my physical well-being. In short, I enjoyed it very much and I will definitely recommend the seminar to others! Today is the 3rd day after the seminar and I always look forward to the stretching exercises right after getting up. That’s so good! So far we have actually managed all the exercises every day and we are doing very well with it. I have a great scale that can measure weight, BMI, body fat, body water, muscle mass, physique value, bone mass, basal metabolic rate, metabolic age and intestinal fat, and we both put on weight. We now measure every Sunday and I think things are finally going uphill! BRA. D Eisenberg, thank you very much for the exciting seminar. For me it was the right ass kick to finally do something for my muscles again! The exercises fit perfectly into my morning routine and the results are impressive !!! H.K. D Chemnitz Thank you for your fountain of youth seminar. It gave me a lot of new aha impressions, especially in front of such extensive universal knowledge, as well as finally the training scheme that I have longed for for so long ... In the four Days I felt very comfortable. I was able to do exercises which I sometimes I haven't done it for a long time, but with a bit of astonishment still with quite good success. In the meantime I was of the opinion that I heard some of your sentences for the 4th / 5th time and that sometimes bored me a bit. However, I have to say afterwards that this also helped the deeper entrance into the memory (similar to the "Seitenbacher" advertisement :-) the bottom line was that it was absolutely the most valuable and extraordinary seminar I have ever attended. H.H. D Eisenberg It is remarkable how many areas you know and what kind of knowledge you have, respect !!!!! Your oil smells really delicious, I like to put it on the skin, respect how you worked out everything that comes in. With your enormous knowledge, you tell a lot about what you have learned and experienced, which makes the whole thing interesting and entertaining A.B. D Fulda I would like to thank you again most sincerely for the fountain of youth method! I am very happy that I was there. Much like your quote from Goethe from the year I have already done a lot for myself and invested considerable money in myself, "the fountain of youth seminar with you was definitely one of the best things I have ever done for myself! am practicing regularly (= daily!) and I feel so good with it. I'm looking forward to it when I get up. I hadn't seen my wife for 5 days after the seminar and she asked me immediately when we saw me: What is the matter with you made with your hands? They are so soft! " That's right: the oil has made the skin of the back of my hands much softer and smoother. What particularly impressed me was your extensive knowledge of many areas of knowledge! Hats off for that! L.L. D ceremonies

8 Your seminar, procedure, price, procedure, etc. great, good that way. C.B. D Hardheim 2nd Fountain of Youth Seminar Oct I developed well in the two weeks. The first time I did 7 one-legged squats each. The next day 13 and today 35 each. Since yesterday I can do 20 push-ups. I only managed one sit-up during the course. Now walk 10 The stronger muscles are clearly evident. Also noticeable for me: water boxes are suddenly no longer a weight. I can also concentrate better and don't need to have a snack as often. I can fall asleep much better than before (before the seminar there were phases when four hours of thought revolved around me at night and I couldn't fall asleep). My vocal range is two full octaves each in the head and chest voice. I'll try to increase it to eight. The one with the life plan was particularly convenient for me. I haven't tried the oil myself, but I will document the effect on scars. My mother would like to thank you very much for the oil. She is very enthusiastic. She says that manufacturers of natural cosmetics cannot keep up. For stressed areas of skin (fingertips) it is very good, better than a hand cream. The skin becomes soft again and feels protected. Applying it around the eyes before going to bed means that the tissue is not so swollen in the morning. H.H. D Stuttgart 2nd Fountain of Youth Seminar Oct I thank you for the manual and also for all the information from your seminar. Now to your seminar: Wow it is deeply engraved in my consciousness and when I came back I felt like I had been on the road for several weeks ... I was also impressed by your knowledge, your scientific research and your "all-round view" of all the arguments. The number in swimming trunks will also be remembered 100 years from now and was one of the first things I said when I returned! The visions sheet is absolutely awesome! M.R. D Düsseldorf 2nd fountain of youth seminar Oct I liked: organization, s, information, great food, number of participants not too many, individual discussions beforehand, life path task, your specialist knowledge in so many areas. Mnemonic technique. Self defense. Simplicity. That you were there for us so much during the breaks. That you invest so much for the seminar and pass on so much of your life and your life experience. S.H. D Weilheim an der Teck 2nd fountain of youth seminar Oct the daily exercises have remained. At least I didn't skip the stretching exercises. Otherwise it's fine. The stretching exercises feel really great. The mobility increases. Overall, I found the impulses of the seminar great ... Your experiences and stories underpin your competence and credibility. It is great to see how extensive your knowledge is. The manual is a useful reference work. I think it's great that you're sending updates on this. Thank you for your impulses, your exercises and your offer to write emails if you have any questions. H.K. D Eschwege 2nd Fountain of Youth Seminar Oct Your seminar was worth every euro! We're just glad we came. Your factual and humorous presentation style, supported by in-depth knowledge, has captivated us throughout the seminar and I think it stuck a lot. Your merit, Frank! You summarize the important life topics in a compact way, I really liked the fact that your recommendations can be implemented by everyone without much effort, as long as they have understood what it is about and why it is important. A lot of input presented in a compressed, understandable and memorable way. I am particularly happy that G. also got on so well and that we support each other in integrating what we have learned into our lives. He was particularly interested in your scientifically substantiated statements. Since then we have been implementing muscle building and stretching programs as daily as possible. We went straight to the ketogenic diet to slim down, R.Q. D Bischofsheim 2nd Fountain of Youth Seminar Oct This is the feedback from the participants in the first two seminars, with each event there will be more and it will soon become a book. So far I have only received positive, yes, usually enthusiastic, feedback. The participants were between 19 and 80 years old, most of them were well over 40, many over 60 years old. As soon as you feel the first positive effects on yourself, you would probably judge the same, right? The seminar from Wednesday, 16. to. Sunday, January 20, 2019 costs euros per person (see seminar schedule). Early bird until Friday December 14, 2018 pay euros. Couples together pay euros, as early bird euros. For the booking procedure, see The number of participants is limited to 24, places will be allocated in the order in which payment is received. If you are one of the first twelve early bookers, you will also receive a set of training aids worth over 50 euros free of charge to simplify your exercises!

9 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Is the program also suitable for women? The training program is suitable for women and men of all ages. But as a man I can only provide photographs of my male body. A trained female body always looks different from a trained male because of the different proportions (hips / waist), the female hormone level and the different body fat percentage, at least as long as a woman does not take anabolic steroids. Men, but especially women, become more graceful through my exercises, not to forget the increased zest for life. Your body shown is guaranteed not to come from training with heavy weights? No, for professional reasons, I haven't had access to training weights since 1996, for over twenty years. I didn't train with weights at home either. Since I was often only at home every third weekend, even a weight bench at home would not have been of much use to me. If you don't train every three days at the latest, the training effect fizzles out completely. In fact, I have only consistently used my five exercises in hotels and offices or at home, which I will also teach you without reservation. The trick is in the how, because the exercises themselves have been known for thousands of years. You really mean any man could look like you with these exercises? Yes, absolutely yes.After a year at the latest, you stand out clearly not only from your peers, but from most of your peers in general. If you continue to train consistently, you can look like me in the pictures in just three years; at least that goes for every man up to, say, 75 years of age. In addition, what has been said also applies without restriction, but if the physical decline has already progressed further, it can take longer to turn the clock back. Often people of advanced age already have artificial joints, operated intervertebral discs, etc. Then a prognosis becomes difficult, but the training always makes sense! The same applies to women, with the proviso that, see first section, they get a different athletic figure depending on their gender. What do you mean by one year younger each year? We have to differentiate between age-related muscle breakdown (sarcopenia) and other aging processes, such as e.g. Wrinkling, deposits in blood vessels (arteriosclerosis) and many other mechanisms that cause the human body to age. Many of these processes, unlike wrinkles and age spots, are not even visible from the outside and often lull you into a false sense of security. The backbone bends, the intervertebral discs are stressed on one side and squeezed out of shape, a hump arises, etc. Most people do not take these processes objectively, e.g. They steadfastly deny having a hump, although they can no longer press the pelvic spine and the back of the head against a vertical wall at the same time with a straight back. These repression processes are known as body amnesia. This means that certain areas in the brain with muscular restrictions are simply hidden. The person concerned forgets that he was once able to carry out a certain movement effortlessly, he forgets that he was able to adopt a certain posture earlier, etc. To correct these bad postures, to make the wrinkles (also the internal ones!) Disappear again, to close the intervertebral discs regenerating, reviving the youthful shape of the spine and practicing, restoring certain organs (heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc.) to their previous state, etc., takes much longer than just building new muscles. Hence my cautious estimate that if you consistently apply my methods (muscle training is only one part, albeit the most important part), you can get about a year younger (instead of older) every year. A now fifty-year-old may see after three years it looks like Hercules, but only at 75 would his body be regenerated to the level of a 25-year-old. You have to be patient. But: feeling like 40 as a sixty-year-old isn't bad, isn't it? The reason I mention the final age of 25 so often is that the body is only fully grown at the age of 25 (social puberty also ends at around 25). Wanting to be younger than 25 would be neither desirable nor, in my opinion, is physiologically possible. Why do you succeed without weights and machines that others in the gym have been unable to do in years? Please don't forget that I've been an active Olympic weightlifter and powerlifter for almost 50 years. I trained with then reigning and several later world, European and German champions (and female champions!). For decades, I had the opportunity to study exactly what stimuli muscles respond to with growth

10 react and I know the relevant scientific literature. The main difference to some sports professors is: I don't just talk about it, I practice the training every day! The methods in fitness studios and the machines that are being promoted there instead of free weights are in most cases simply unsuitable for providing the necessary muscular growth stimuli. It's that simple. And it is obvious to me that someone who earns money from renting power machines has little interest in teaching customers how to build muscle in a shorter time with more success without machines. Is your method scientifically validated? Every single step and the effects of my measures can be substantiated scientifically. I also provide this evidence in the seminar and even more in the 300-page training manual, which you as a participant will receive exclusively afterwards. I am not denying the genetically determined aging processes, on the contrary. I am only showing that they are no more inevitable than starvation. Man is threatened with starvation every day! Help! And what does he do about it? He eats! Likewise, from the age of forty at the latest, people are threatened with old age and dementia. And what do you do about it? Exercise and Stretch! While almost all of my contemporaries are amazed at me, I am amazed every day that people fight against starvation as a matter of course, often in expensive dining temples, called restaurants, but only insufficiently against their aging and increasing forgetfulness protect. Whereby a youthful body and the associated joie de vivre are most valuable treasures, excuse me: could be. How does your method differ from other fitness programs? I often come across this question. And it would be easy to answer if you already knew what I know. Imagine that you had invented the automobile like Carl Benz. Then proudly show it to your neighbor, the farmer who is on his way to the market in his horse-drawn vehicle. The first thing your neighbor sees is a horse-drawn carriage. How useless! he will think for a moment and go on his way with a shrug; He's in a hurry, he has to go to the market, otherwise his vegetables will rot. No time to take a closer look at your brilliant idea with this ominous engine. In addition, if that was good, it would have been invented by others. Well, the mouse doesn’t bite a thread that it was not a professor of horse-drawn carriages who invented the modern automobile, but Carl Benz. A professor of steam engines still invented the internal combustion engine - gasoline and diesel. And Carl Benz vehicle would not have spread through books either; Bertha Benz drove the car in public for over 100 kilometers and only then did the breakthrough to today's automotive society take place. Carl Benz could not have simply sent his prototype to America or China without instructions; the clever guys would not have made it run, but rather removed the heavy engine and instead harnessed horses in front of it. So you too have gotten sick and old, because you either remained inactive or, to top it all off, listened to experts who are old and sick themselves, the horse dealers. And hand on your heart, you are getting sicker and weaker every year, aren't you? Therefore you have to see the prototype, me, with your own eyes at the age of 64 and learn, perform and understand the exercises under my guidance. Only then will you do it faithfully and correctly throughout your later life. Only then does it make sense for me to send you the operating instructions, my extensive manual. After about a year, you will be far healthier, more agile and stronger than any of your peers. Do you remember the ancient Greek statues? After about three years of training, you will return to this ideal of grace. They are bursting with strength. At the same time, your wrinkles will gradually disappear. And finally, you are listed among the oldest people in the Guiness Book of Records. Oh no, this category has yet to be created among the oldest healthy people in the Guiness Book of Records! The seminar from Wednesday, 16. to. Sunday, January 20, 2019 costs euros per person (see seminar schedule). Early bird until Friday December 14, 2018 pay euros. Couples together pay euros, as early bird euros. For the booking procedure, see The number of participants is limited to 24, places will be allocated in the order in which payment is received. If you are one of the first twelve early bookers, you will also receive a set of training aids worth over 50 euros free of charge to simplify your exercises!

11 Process and overview of the fountain of youth seminar Lead: Frank McCormack Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. Opportunity for one-on-one discussions with the speaker based on a previously sent anamnesis questionnaire on the medical condition and life issues (further individual meetings also on the following days) see booking confirmation. (I maintain absolute secrecy towards third parties about all personal information communicated.) Wednesday between 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. Arrival, formalities, day memberships, etc. Wednesday evening 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Introduction by the organizer, then introduction, experiences and qualifications of the speaker What is the biological aging process and why is it not inevitable? The fairy tale of the generally increased life expectancy Sarcopenia, osteoporosis and the supposedly inevitable old age diseases First pillar of the Jungbrunnen method: back, posture, muscles, skeleton Basics of organic life and dying the essential elixirs of life Introduction to the principles of the Jungbrunnen method Practical stretching exercises with individual correction by the trainer Wednesday evening 8:00 p.m. Dinner in regional organic quality from the caterer Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. First repetition of the stretching exercises Second pillar of the fountain of youth method: Overview of the training methods and strength exercises Practical training of strength exercises and learning the technique , with individual correction by the trainer Strength and stretching exercises in combination Introduction to biomechanics, physiology and the like. Practical exercise variants Beginner exercise variants for everyone who cannot do the main exercises from the beginning General aspects of staying young Thursday evening 6:00 p.m. Dinner in regional organic quality from the caterer Thursday evening 8:00 p.m. Bonus: Philosophical film on the subject of longevity and eternal life Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Repetition of the exercises Special exercises Third pillar of the fountain of youth method: nutrition, metabolism and their influence on the aging or youthfulness process Insulin resistance, diabetes 2, pancreas, safe weight loss up to the desired weight, maintaining the desired weight for life Gerontology / geriatrics, ie the purely descriptive sciences of aging Fourth pillar of the fountain of youth method: the science of aging as reversible Process (rejuvenation) Friday evening 6:00 p.m. Dinner in regional organic quality from the caterer Friday evening 8:00 p.m. to approx. 9:00 p.m. Bonus: Group consultation hours for men only Head: Frank McCormack Saturday 9:00 a.m.-6: 00 p.m. Repetition of the exercises with individual correction, where necessary special exercises, including against back problems, back pain, poor posture, etc. cont Nutrition and metabolism: the importance of food supplements, the sense and nonsense of supplements Saturday evening 6:00 p.m. Dinner in regional organic quality from the caterer Saturday evening 8:00 p.m. to around 9:00 p.m. Bonus: Group consultation hours only for women Management: Frank McCormack Sunday 09:00 to 12:00 repetition of all exercises with individual corrections where necessary What is sore muscles and how can you avoid them? Tendons, ligaments, fasciae, joints, cartilage and their health maintenance and development, bone density special exercises Fifth pillar of the fountain of youth method: skin, sun and solar radiation, vitamin D, winter depression, flu and cancer prevention, etc. Sunday 12:00 to 13:00 lunch in the region -Bio quality from the caterer Sunday 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Dermatology and cosmetics, wrinkle removal, skin tightening, skin cancer prevention Sixth pillar of the fountain of youth method: Life planning, partnership, relationships, mental aspects Final discussion / answering questions After each unit and at the end of the opportunity for questions and discussion on each day. It is possible to shift topics between seminar days. Lunch Thursday-Saturday approx. 12: 00-1: 00 p.m. each time. (Dinner Wed-Sat and lunch on Sun included in the price; you have to bring your own food and drinks for lunch Thurs-Sat). The following week, the extensive manual will be sent as an ebook (PDF). Answers to the questions raised in the seminar are sent by. The seminar from Wednesday, 16. to. Sunday, January 20, 2019 costs euros per person (see seminar schedule). Early bird until Friday December 14, 2018 pay euros. Couples together pay euros, as early bird euros. For the booking process, see If you are one of the first twelve early bookers, you will also receive a set of training aids worth over 50 euros free of charge to simplify your exercises!