What does it mean to see someone

Why do you look after the right thing?

If you look to the right thing, you want to make sure that everything is in order. But where does this expression come from, and why not look to the left, for example?

Long ago, meanings were assigned to the terms right and left. If a wise man wanted to predict the future, he looked north. Then he had the bright east on his right. The sun rose there. The dark west was to his left. The sun went down there. Light was associated with good, with dark bad.

In many especially Asian and Arab countries it is frowned upon to eat with the left hand. With this you wipe your bottom. Getting up with your left foot, leaving someone on the left - all of this has a negative meaning. So you didn't associate anything good with the left.

Right, on the other hand, has a positive meaning: for most people, the right hand is the strong one with which one can fight. You swear with your right hand, and to have someone sit on your right is a great honor. These meanings of right for good and right and left for bad and wrong gradually became common parlance. If you have done something right, you have done something right, something good.

And now?

"Looking after the right" has nothing to do with right and left, but with right and good!