Why do teenage girls look like women

Girls mature faster

It has always been assumed that girls mature faster than boys. Now scientists have found the evidence.

It has always been a common belief that girls mature faster than boys. Now scientists at Newcastle University in England have been able to prove this too. The brain restructuring triggered by hormones during puberty occurs in female adolescents between the ages of ten and fifteen. In the case of young men, on the other hand, this does not begin until they are fifteen. The process is then completed at the age of twenty. One thing is certain: the abnormal behavior of adolescents is a result of brain maturation. So far, it has always been assumed that it is the hormones that go crazy during this time. The teenagers begin to provoke and rebel. The children's room door is closed, as is personal access for the parents.

Cleansing the brain

For their investigations, the research team examined the brains of 121 young people between the ages of four and forty years. The original plan was to investigate the storage of information in the brain using magnetic resonance imaging.

By chance, the scientists stumbled upon a completely different discovery: They found that the brain begins to “clean up” itself during puberty. Shorter connections in particular were removed, whereas distant connections remained more stable, the researchers documented in the journal “Cerebral Cortex”. This reorganization of the brain occurred earlier in girls than in boys.

Improved brain function

"During this time, the brain focuses on the long-haul connections, these are difficult to create and maintain, but crucial for an efficient and fast-working brain," says Marcus Kaiser, a member of the Newcastle University team.

Maintaining these distant connections then makes up the mature adult brain, which is able to interpret complex relationships using different information. Co-author Sol Lim of Seoul University in South Korea adds: "Losing a close connection during brain development can actually help improve brain function by making the reorganization of the entire network more efficient." Instead of asking many people at random for directions, it makes sense to only ask a few people who have lived in this place for a long time.

Between the hemispheres

Women also tend to have more connections between the two hemispheres of the brain. The researchers believe that the earlier reorganization in girls makes the brain work more efficiently and thus a more mature state for processing the environment is reached more quickly.

But what constitutes the gender-specific difference in the extraordinary time difference is so far unclear and a question that should be further investigated.