What are the problems with a late marriage

She is afraid of getting married late and always gets sad when one of her friends gets married

Praise be to Allah ..


When the Muslim looks at the following words of Allah - he is exalted -: "We distribute their livelihood among them in this life and raise one of them over the others by ranks", [Az-Zuzuhruf: 32] he knows that people are divided into rich and poor, strong and weak, healthy and sick, married and unmarried, with children and without children, etc.

He knows that this distribution is from Allah - Exalted - and not from people. And here his heart will find rest, he will not feel envy or mourn against those to whom Allah gives his gifts, because he has not enjoyed what others enjoy. For he knows that all of this is in Allah's - almighty - hand and will. If Allah wants something, it is, and if He doesn't want something, it is not.

And if the Muslim knows this, then he will not worry about the future, but will know that he is only required to stand firm on Allah's commandments and to lead his entire life for and with Allah. After that, Allah will distribute whatever provision He wants for him. And Allah - he is exalted - will give him satisfaction for what He provides for him.

The supply of man is already determined for him. And this provision made by Allah will come to him, nothing more and nothing less. The Prophet - peace and blessings of Allah be upon him - said: “Man will not die until he receives the last bit of provision and reaches the last point of his life. So fear Allah and ask Him in a beautiful way. ”Al-Albani classified this as authentic in“ Silsilah Al-Ahadith As-Sahihah ”(6/865).

This means that man's supply will definitely reach him. All that is required of him is that he should fear Allah and be steadfast in His commandments. He should ask him in a beautiful way for his care. What is meant is that he should be moderate when asking for care and only ask what is allowed. Because no matter what he does, he will not get anything that Allah has not written for him.

Going out, contacting boys etc ... none of this will bring you marriage (and the Prophet said) "So fear Allah and ask Him in a beautiful way." Do not concern yourself with the worries of the future that Satan is in infuse your heart to keep you from Allah's path. Do what Allah wants you to do at this point in time. Remain steadfast on His commandment and what is intended for you will definitely come to you.


As for getting to know each other and chatting for a period of time before marriage, the reality is that getting to know each other before marriage does nothing and does not ensure that the marriage will be successful. For more, see the answer to question no. 84102. It says that most marriages based on courteous acquaintance, storytelling, and love are failed marriages and end in divorce.

Getting to know each other is extremely dangerous for the young woman, since the man can be a denier and a fraud and takes everything he wants from her. She then loses everything and gets nothing. And every woman says: “I'm not like the others. And the man I love and with whom I go out is not like the other men. ”And that is how Satan deceives her until she falls into his net and loses everything. And in the end she sees that she is like all other women. For more, see the answer to question no.84089.

In order to get to know a person, it is sufficient to ask about their religion, character traits and the family in which they were raised. The level of education and status in society can also be important in some societies, as it cannot be overlooked. Then the engagement time should stay short and then the marriage should be concluded. And know that true getting to know each other can only come about after living under one roof. Before that, however, during the engagement time and before the marriage, everyone shows their best side and hides the bad. And everyone tries to please the other side. And in the end, reality will show itself, because people return to their natural way and stop pretending and trying.

No matter how long this period of time before the marriage may be, it will not be sufficient and it will not really be able to show whether the marriage will be successful or not.

We ask Allah - He is exalted - to guide you and give you success for what He loves and with what He is satisfied.

And Allah knows best.