Why do I want to eat everything

Small and big problems with food

Very limited choice of food

Some children eat very few different foods over the years. Usually these can be counted on one or two hands. These children are reluctant to try out new foods, often have problems swallowing unfamiliar foods and occasionally show this by choking or vomiting.

For you as a parent, the situation can be very stressful and it is understandable if you worry. As a rule, however, these children develop normally and are healthy. From a medical point of view, too, they often have no nutritional deficiencies. In small children, this noticeable eating behavior usually passes by itself. If a child has already eaten more variedly before, it will in most cases also find its way back to this previous eating behavior on its own - even if this can sometimes take a while. But there are always children who have never wanted a large selection of foods and who will keep it for a long time. As adolescents at the latest, they usually expand their choice of dishes on their own, and as adults they usually eat quite normally.

  • Discuss the problem with your pediatrician in order to be able to rule out organic causes and to make sure that your child is developing in an age-appropriate manner and that there are no nutritional deficiencies.
  • Even if you yourself have the impression that your child is not developing in a way that is appropriate to their age or that they are severely isolated within the family or among friends because of their eating habits, you should speak to the pediatrician about this.
  • Try to intervene as little as possible and not attach too much importance to the situation.

If necessary, the support of nutritional advice can also be helpful and useful.