What do guys think of periods

What do guys think or how do boys find girls' periods?

I find the question and your thoughts on it from you to be ingenious and well appropriate.

I think it sometimes seems strange that the woman has her days every four weeks.

Sometimes this is annoying because during this time sex can fall completely flat.

It should be noted, however, that sex alleviates or can alleviate the stomach ache, although the woman is bleeding quite heavily in the process. This is not for everyone. And not every woman's thing. Missing feel-good factor - logical!

I personally think it's great when my girlfriend says: "It doesn't work right now, I would like it myself, but thinks it's inappropriate." Sometimes she also says: "If you don't mind, we could now." - We always grin at each other.

It is often the case that the girls, when they have their days, also feel even more lust. Regardless of the abdominal pain caused and caused by the period.

Basically, especially with teenagers, I think that it should be addressed openly, because misunderstandings can not arise in the first place.

In my opinion, incomprehension is inappropriate. It's not embarrassing at all, because nature made it that way.

Of course, some girls / women are embarrassed when they have their days because they then think that they are not "available". And I find that so nonsense and weakness at the same time. After all, you can catch up on everything afterwards, or there are other possibilities to still be close to each other during this time, the days.

Hope ok so and somewhat helpful for you .......