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Entry and visa for Israel

What travel documents are required to enter Israel and how long do they have to be valid? Here you will find information on visa and entry requirements in Israel for tourists and business travelers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

For tourists and business travelers who do not want to stay longer than 90 days in the country, there is no visa requirement in Israel.

When entering Israel, an entry confirmation is issued at Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv as well as at the land border crossings Taba (to Egypt) and on the Allenby Bridge (to Jordan), which must be presented again on departure. Entry stamps are no longer affixed to the passport. This immigration card can also be requested when crossing checkpoints, for example in the West Bank.

Tip: At some border crossings, for example in Yitzhak Rabin or Arava-Aqaba, this entry card is not issued. Make sure that you get an entry note in your passport that states the approved length of stay in Israel! If desired, the stamp can also be made on a separate document.

Entry into Israel as an EU citizen or Swiss citizen

EU citizens and Swiss citizens can only enter Israel with a passport (for minors: children's passport), entry with an identity card is not possible. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Israel. A temporary passport or the cream-colored emergency passport are also accepted.

A return or onward travel ticket as well as sufficient funds for the duration of the stay must be proven upon entry.

If you want to travel on to the West Bank (Palestinian occupied territory), you have to expect long waiting times and interviews. It is best to find out about the requirements for re-entry from the West Bank to Israel directly from the Israeli authorities.

Even if you have an entry stamp from an Arab country (with the exception of Jordan and Egypt) noted in your passport, you must expect a questioning when entering Israel. Conversely, some Arab countries (except Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates) refuse entry with an Israeli entry stamp in their passport (for this reason, the passport is no longer stamped at most border crossings).

Comprehensive security checks and interviews can also be carried out when leaving Israel. You should therefore plan enough time for your departure from the airport.

Israel consulates and embassies

Israeli representation in Germany
Auguste-Viktoria-Strasse 74-76 P.O. Box 33 05 31
14193 Berlin
Telephone: 0049 30 89 04 55 00
Email: botschaft (at)
additional Information

Israeli representation in Austria
Anton-Frank-Gasse 20
1180 Vienna
Telephone: 0043 1 476 46 - 0
Email: info-sec (at)
additional Information

Israeli representation in Switzerland
Case postale, Alpenstrasse 32
3000 Bern 6
Telephone: 0041 31 356 35 00
Email: amb-sec (at)
additional Information

Consulates and embassies in Israel

German representation in Israel
Tel Aviv 3, Daniel Frisch Street, 19th floor
64731 Tel Aviv
Telephone: 0097 2 3 693 13 13
Email: info (at)
additional Information

Austrian representation in Israel
Sason Hogi Tower, 12 Abba Hillel Silver Street, 4th floor
Tel Aviv
Telephone: 00972 3 612 0924
Email: tel-aviv-ob (at)
additional Information

Swiss representation in Israel
228 Hayarkon Street
6340524 Tel Aviv
Telephone: 00972 3 546 44 55
Email: tel.vertretung (at)
additional Information

Exclusion of liability

This information on the entry requirements for Israel comes from independently selected and trustworthy sources and is to be regarded as useful information to facilitate careful planning of your trip to Israel. No liability is accepted for the correctness and / or completeness of the information. Further information on the entry requirements to Israel can be obtained from the respective embassies or consulates or online on the websites of foreign offices or from the Israeli foreign ministry.

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