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Melania Trump: Ten Amazing Facts About The First Lady

There has never been a first lady like her: Melania Trump. Ten Amazing Facts About President Trump's Wife

With Donald Trump, 71, the United States of America not only has a rather atypical US president at its political head, but also an unusual first lady in Melania Trump, 47. This is shown by the following facts.

1. She is the first first lady in 200 years not born in the United States

Melania Trump was born in Novo Mesto, a small town in Slovenia, in 1970. This makes her only the second first lady in US history to come from abroad. Before her, only the British Louisa Adams (1755-1852), wife of the sixth President John Quincy Adams, was not a native American. It was almost 200 years ago that it moved into the White House.

2. She changed her last name

Your maiden name is Melania Knavs. When she also worked as an international model in the 1990s, she changed her surname to the Germanized spelling Knauss. Probably to make the pronunciation easier.

3. Melania Trump may have worked illegally

In the course of her modeling career, she came to the USA in the late 1990s. But things were not quite right, as the news agency "AP" revealed at the end of 2017. Accordingly, the new first lady worked illegally at the beginning of her stay in the "land of opportunity". In 1996, she did not have a valid work permit, but it was proven that she received fees from ten modeling jobs in the amount of US $ 20,056. She treads this herself. This detail is particularly explosive because husband Donald Trump wants to crack down on illegal immigrants with the utmost severity.

4. She faked a university degree

Melania is said to have embellished her biography. Until the summer of 2017, her website said that she had a degree in design and architecture from the University of Ljubljana. Research by the magazine "New Yorker" revealed, however, that the first lady had dropped out of college prematurely to pursue her modeling career. Apparently she did not graduate. After this revelation, the entry on Melania's homepage was changed accordingly: She took a break from her studies during his time. There was nothing more to be read about a degree.

5. Slippery pictures in men's magazines

But even without a degree, her professional career went brilliantly. However, she not only graced the covers of glossy magazines, but also appeared completely unladylike and completely naked. In her twenties she dropped all covers for men's magazines like "GQ" or the French "Max". During the election campaign, the seductive images reappeared in the media, but they did not damage the company's image.

6. She almost didn't become a first lady

When Melania met Donald Trump at a party in New York in 1998, she was not very fond of the real estate mogul, who was 24 years her senior. Not only did he come to the event with another woman; his reputation also preceded him. Episode: When Trump asked Melania for her phone number, she refused him. "If I had given him my number, I would have been just one of those women he calls," Melania later said in an interview with "GQ". But Trump had caught fire, and so he gave Melania several phone numbers at which she could reach him. The rest is history: The couple got married on January 22, 2005, and since January 20, 2017 they are the "First Couple" in the USA.

7. Hillary and Bill Clinton were their wedding guests

In retrospect, the most surprising guests at Donald and Melania Trump's pompous wedding were Hillary and Bill Clinton. Photos of the celebration in Trump's luxurious Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida show that there was still a great atmosphere between Melania, Donald, Hillary and Bill at the time. By the way, Melania's wedding dress cost an incredible $ 100,000 (around 115,000 euros today). With the valuable design from Dior, the model even made it onto the cover of American "Vogue". With her exquisite taste, she is met with divided echoes as First Lady: some celebrate her for her elegant style, others accuse her of a penchant for luxury.

8. She speaks six languages

The first lady has a talent for languages. Her repertoire includes Slovenian (mother tongue), French, Italian (Melania works as a model in Paris and Milan), Serbian, English - and German! She is said to have spoken to Vladimir Putin in German during a dinner in the Elbphilharmonie.

9. She is planning a post-White House career as a businesswoman

Melania Trump is not only a mother, but also a businesswoman. In fact, in collaboration with the home shopping channel "QVC", she has brought her own pieces of jewelry onto the market. Your career plans are on hold for the time being, but canceled is not postponed - after all, Donald Trump will move out of the White House after a possible re-election by 2025 at the latest. In a defamation suit against the British newspaper "DailyMail", Melania's lawyer claims that the Melania Trump brand has "lost significantly in value" and that she has missed "business relationships worth several million dollars". Trump planned to launch a commercial brand that would consist of various products such as clothing, hair care and make-up.

10. She has no nannies

Melania Trump and Donald Trump indulge in luxury, but a nanny is an option for the upbringing of their son Barron Trump, 10. "If you have too much help, you won't get to know your children," was Melania's affectionate explanation in an interview with "PEOPLE" magazine in September 2015. Friends say she is a self-sacrificing mother. This is also proven by her late move to Washington: It was not until June 2017, six months after the inauguration, that she followed Donald Trump into the White House. Barron should finish his school year in New York calmly first.

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