What makes you a painter

Future opportunities for painters and varnishers (m / f / d)

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Career and further training as a painter and varnisher. We will show you which career opportunities and further training courses are open to you after your training.

131 vacant apprenticeship positions
Painter and varnisher at work © Kzenon | canva

Career opportunities as a painter and varnisher

Have you successfully passed your apprenticeship? Then you are about to start your career. As a trained painter and varnisher, depending on your field of study, you can apply to painting companies, the paint shop, concrete renovation companies, plastering trades, building construction companies, museum restoration workshops, monument protection facilities or facade renovation companies and practice your profession.

If you want to further specialize or reorient yourself professionally, you can do this, for example, through courses and seminars.

  • Art painting
  • Structural waterproofing
  • Isolation and insulation
  • Wood protection - building renovation
  • Plastering and stucco work
  • Monument protection and preservation
  • Occupational safety, occupational safety and accident prevention

    Further training can also serve to advance you professionally. For example, you can purchase the following titles:

  • Master painter and varnisher at a master school
  • State-certified technician specializing in paint and varnish technology
  • State-certified technician specializing in construction technology
  • State-certified technician specializing in the preservation of historic buildings and renovation of old buildings
  • Specialist in the craft industry
  • State-certified designer
  • instructor

    If you have a university entrance qualification (Abi or Fachabi), studying is also an opportunity to further expand your knowledge.

  • Bachelor of Arts Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Engineering Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Arts Conservation and Restoration

    You still have bumblebees in your butt and would like to take everything into your own hands? Then maybe after passing the master craftsman's examination you dare to take the step into self-employment with your own painting and varnishing business.

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