I am spoiled

I'm too spoiled

I have a problem and I have just been spoiled by my family. This year I'm going on vacation and don't have to pay a cent, I'm moving in with my boyfriend and would actually have to pay double the rent for 2 apartments otherwise we would not have got the new apartment at a later date, again my family helps me and pays for 2 months for the old apartment. My furniture from my first apartment? I got paid. Furniture for my new apartment? I would get a couple too if I wanted. My deposit Will be paid. And anyway, what did I actually do myself? Nothing at all. The only thing I bought myself was my television and my TV cabinet. It's amazing what I've done. To this day I still can't handle money, even though I've been working for 1 year. Anyway, it always means we pay for it. I mean, I finance my livelihood myself, but all this extra, I never had to do anything for that. Sometimes I feel so bad when I see others who had to work everything out themselves. My friend, for example, comes from a completely different background, he does not receive any financial support and has so far worked for himself, I am so proud of him. How do I finally learn to be more independent? I find it so difficult to say no to my family. Do you think that's bad when you are supported like that?