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Where we would like to be now: On this magnificent secret beach in Liguria

Monday, December 7, 2020Colette Fitzpatrick
Where would we like to be now? Of course in this natural and incredibly picturesque swimming pool at the La Spezia Riviera in Liguria, that's obvious! In this new series we would like to introduce you to incredibly idyllic places that you can take a look at and are directly good for the soul. We look forward to the next vacation whenever we can.

This week we present Punta Pineda, and more specifically the Bozi di Punta Pineda (Punta Pineda Basin). One of those rare specimens of a hidden gem that has remained just that: a largely hidden gem. Nowadays, when the once lesser-known beauties are shown on all kinds of Instagram pages and have suddenly become hot spots that you absolutely have to visit and photograph, it is rare that you come across such magical places, mostly just are known to the residents of the area or to real connoisseurs. This jewel on the Ligurian coast is a place that is little reported in the media and, if at all, only in the Italian media. There are hundreds of photos of this place on Instagram instead of thousands. So it looks like you have this special spot all to yourself when you visit, or if you have to share it with a few locals rather than hordes of tourists. If you've always wanted to visit this area and its great beauty and get to know this very special gem, then browse through ours Vacation rentals in Liguria and start planning the vacation of your dreams!
How did such a feast for the eyes manage to stay out of the spotlight, you might ask? This particularly picturesque place is located in Cinque Terre, one of the most popular and well-known and highly sought-after holiday destinations on the Italian coast, an area known for its quaint coastal villages perched on the rocky cliffs, dramatic coastal scenery and gorgeous, crystal clear waters. Why does such a magical place not appear on the lists of the top spots to visit in this area? Well, the reason is mainly the poor accessibility of this place. It is known that it is difficult to get there and that is why the Bozi di Punta Pineda are still a real hidden gem, because many people do not feel like walking to this pretty, natural attraction that you do not come across by chance when exploring the Area bumps. The way to this place takes time and effort and that is something you often want to avoid on vacation.

However, if you have a Holiday home in the Cinque Terre If you have booked and are in the mood for a little adventure and which is worth the effort, then you should know that all visitors have confirmed so far: the effort is worth it! The Punta Pineda and its small basins (known as “bozi” in the local dialect) are located on the slopes of the Tramonti Villages are hidden and are an exclusive and unspoilt jewel in the Cinque Terre, which is reached via a long path along the coast, which consists of many steps and rocky sections dotted with prickly pear bushes. Although this walk is a little tricky and difficult at times, it can also boast the most magnificent views of the Cinque Terre coast and is completely withdrawn from any human hustle and bustle. During your hike, expect peace, tranquility and just the sound of the sea until you come to a cliff that has a very individual shape and looks out over the open sea; the rocks form a natural barrier and protect the small rock nose from the waves and the small pools, filled with sea water, look like natural swimming pools to the world.

To get to this breathtaking piece of earth, take the Litoranea road in La Spezia towards the Cinque Terre. After 6km you will pass the Biassa tunnel, the Biassa gallery and the Due Gemelli restaurant. Continue for 600m and you will see the bar il Giardino on the left and parking spaces immediately afterwards. Here there is an open space to the coast that leads to the path to the sea and the numerous stairs of Tramonti. Take the Campi staircase, which goes up 260m without interruption and is really strenuous. Make sure you bring water, a hat and sunscreen, as you are exposed to the sun here (which can actually be a problem during the really hot summer months of July and August). Be careful where you step as the trail is rocky and steep. On the way you will pass the Punta Castagna cliffs and a rock called Castagnola before you will be rewarded with the most spectacular views of the Cinque Terre and meet this wonderful place where you can spend a day by the sea, bathe in the water, photos shoot, relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Access is undoubtedly difficult, but it is absolutely worth the effort, again without a doubt, if you are ready to embark on this adventure!

So if you've always been from one Holidays in the Cinque Terre have always dreamed of Holiday home in Liguria wanted to book and this magnificent part of Italy want to explore, dream of long days by the sea, long for sun, fun and the most beautiful landscapes, then start planning your dream vacation right away and let your dreams come true. Have something to look forward to and plan a trip to this very special, hidden gem when you are in the area!

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