Why did Montenegro recognize Kosovo

Balkans : Montenegro recognizes the independence of Kosovo

Podgorica Despite warnings from Belgrade, the Montenegrin government recognized the independence of the Kosovo region, which has broken away from Serbia, on Thursday. As Foreign Minister Milan Rocen announced after the cabinet meeting in Podgorica, the decision was taken unanimously. This means that Kosovo has so far been recognized by 49 countries, including the USA and 22 EU countries, including Germany.

The Serbian government had announced shortly before that it was recalling its ambassadors to all countries from which they had been withdrawn because of their recognition of Kosovo's independence. This should continue the diplomatic activities, the aim of which is the "preservation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity" of Serbia, it said. Belgrade had already decided in July to send its ambassadors back to the EU capitals from which they had been withdrawn because of anger over the recognition of Kosovo.

Serbia obtains a Kosovo resolution

In the General Assembly of the United Nations, Serbia had a success on Wednesday with a Kosovo resolution. With 77 countries, the majority of the member states present voted in New York for the resolution brought in by Belgrade to commission the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague with an opinion on the legality of the unilateral declaration of independence of the former Serbian province.

Six countries spoke out against the resolution. 74 others abstained, including Germany and numerous other member states of the European Union. In addition to Serbia, the UN veto power, Russia, also rejects Kosovo's independence. Because of a feared domino effect in their own country, Spain, Moldova, Georgia and Romania, among others, are against it. (sg / AFP)

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