Why did your marriage fail

Divorce test online: should I separate and get a divorce or fight for the marriage again?

There are ups and downs in marriage. Of course you know that, and you may have been through a number of crises. There are so many reasons that can cause the Thoughts of a separation / divorce gain the upper hand. You are definitely not making the decision easy for yourself and you may have thought several times that you no longer want to continue your partnership.

Even if you have an aversion to any kind of "test", you should include the fact that you are only supposed to test yourself, not submit to the judgment of any examiner. This Divorce test has the purpose that you reflect on your coexistence with the partner, maybe also one Take stock and at best then know where you stand.

Just the thought that you are considering the separation shakes the inner balance and sometimes leads to chaos of feelings. They think back and forth and ultimately do not know whether the pros or cons prevail. If you don't have someone you trust to talk to about your day-to-day marriage, a divorce test can help Assistance Offer.

The 21 questions of our divorce test serve as a guide and are intended to provide you with additional help in deciding which direction to take, which is definitely not an easy one.

  • The test only takes about 3 minutes.
  • You get the Evaluation immediately afterwards online.
  • You do not have to reveal any data about yourself!

Stay or separate?

Your personal and anonymous divorce test

The 21 questions of the online divorce test

It can be a real challenge to understand how you feel about a partner. And it should be too late for the wisdom "therefore check whoever binds himself forever". It is human nature for feelings to change. If the partner does not turn out to be who one has dreamed of, a potential for conflict arises that everyone can Marriage to the test represents. When the divorce is in the end, you have usually gone through a lengthy decision-making phase. In order to orient yourself in the rollercoaster of emotions, it can be helpful to ask yourself the questions on which the relationship is based.

Our Divorce test can help you find answers and make the decision "Stay or separate" to put on a comprehensible basis.

Perhaps one of the following 5 common reasons for divorce applies to you:

  • Communication problems for a few months. You simply can no longer talk to your partner, there are no more conversations taking place.
  • A serious illness (alcohol, depression or other) makes life with your partner impossible.
  • Your partner or you had an affair / affair / "away game". This doesn't have to end in a breakup or divorce, but it is often a sign that something is missing from your relationship. Can you both manage to talk about it?
  • If the two of you are of different origins, then there are many opportunities for culturally-related problems. Do you still have the strength to understand and talk to your partner?
  • They have simply drifted apart over the years.

Your personal divorce test, which tries to objectively assess your feelings

Especially when it is is about feelings, a lot happens beneath the surface. You are judging and you do not know why you see a situation the way you see it. It is better to grasp the situation as such, to clothe it in a concrete question as far as possible and to look for an answer to this question.

Feelings are often complex. If you have a negative feeling about a situation, it may prove to be null and void when it comes to the overall picture of your relationship. The divorce test is intended to enable you to assess whether your relationship is still intact “on balance”, whether it is advisable to tweak the screws in individual relationships or whether it is actually the case that there are no longer any prospects. to continue the partnership.

You “examine” your relationship, you see more clearly and you may find answers because you asked the right question. In order to ask a question, the question must be formulated beforehand. We take on this task with the divorce test. You "only" need to find the answer to it. We make it easy for you because you only have to answer the 21 questions of the divorce test with yes or no. Our system will immediately provide you with an objective answer and substantiate the diagnosis. After that you will know better where you are. Test yourself.

Marriage Counseling or Online Divorce?

If you have taken the online divorce test, you will receive your answer immediately. You might want another one after that free consultation lead what you can do with us at any time.

If you want to fight for your marriage all over again, you're welcome to find a good one Marriage counselor / couple counselor which you can find on our sister portal Ehe.de.

However, if this divorce test confirmed what you have been thinking for weeks and months that it would be better to end the marriage, then you should act. That is their right! In this case, if you like, you can use our convenient and non-binding Fill out the divorce petition online and send.
(Note: Filling out and sending the application is really non-binding and free of charge for you. You will then receive all documents by email and also by post, we are always there for you and answer all your questions (including questions that you may not ask, but which are still important). You can find our friendly customer opinions here. Schektion.de is Germany's only divorce service with TÜV-certified service quality.)

Certainty is the foundation that human feelings crave.

Honoré de Blazac

If you are still unsure which way to go. Our eBook “Staying or Separating?” Might be very helpful for you:

Whatever you choose, we wish you only the best and that you just get on as well as you can in your life.

Author: editorial staff