Why do I never feel alone

Not that you get me wrong: I may be alone, but I don't feel lonely

Last update: November 18, 2016

Not that you get me wrong: I am alone, but I don't feel the emptiness of loneliness. So don't feel obliged to pity me, to pigeonhole me, and please don't even look for a partner for me. I am where I want to be. Because being alone is much smarter than sharing life with the wrong person.

As we can see, the loneliness that is sought or needed at any given time is an aspect that society does not understand. Even Aristotle used to say that only the gods or the beasts would love to be alone. However, French moralists of the 18th century, e.g. Marquis de Vauvenargues, declared that loneliness is to the soul what diet is to the body: something we should practice from time to time.

“I am writing to tell you that I am freeing myself from you. Be happy and never look for me again. I never want to know anything about you again and you should never know anything about me either. "

Letter from Frida Khalo to Diego Rivera

Learning to be alone and occasionally Enjoying solitude is something we should all be doing. If you don't succeed, you will find yourself confronted every now and then with the difficult task of filling a void, conquering fears and dealing with insecurities of the worst kind because you become dependent on others and cling to the first person you come across that he comes across.

Whatever the goal of defending yourself against this seeming demon of loneliness, it definitely doesn't do us any good. We invite you to think twice about it.

I'm alone, but I'm fine

"I'm alone now, but I'm fine with that." For this sentence - although we hear it more and more often - we still often have to justify ourselves, make it clear that we like to live alone, without a partner or someone else by our side, and that this is a pleasant loneliness for us. It is a chosen experience that we enjoy even when others don't understand it.

Times change, there is no doubt about that. Indeed the image of a single woman is not perceived in the same way as that of a man without a partner. It is as if time is passing for her, as if she has to do everything in her power to find a partner because her biological clock, programmed by society, is ticking. Women have to have a good job, find a partner and soon mutate into a super mom.

As we mentioned earlier, times are changing and women are no longer compulsively looking for a partner. Many prefer to be found. Others mute the biological clock entirely in order to use their own mental and emotional compass. You can find fulfillment in a partner, no doubt, but when that relationship breaks you are able to move on. Because they are responsible for themselves, they do not fear loneliness. It is a renewed encounter with oneself, and this always has healing powers and soothes.

Woman: Neither submissive nor pious, I like you free, wild and beautiful
"Woman: Neither submissive nor pious, I like you free, wild and beautiful",
is a saying that I once wrote on a wall ... >>> More

You are not alone in solitude, you are surrounded by life

When we have a single boyfriend or girlfriend, we often try to find a way for that person to get to know someone. We tell this person that it is not good to be alone, that it is always worth falling in love, and that life is much better when you walk the path of life with someone hand in hand.

“Loneliness is sometimes addicting. When you realize how much peace there is in her, you no longer want to surround yourself with people. "

So it is quite possible that this friend will tell us: "I'm alone and I'm fine with it"and that a friend replies: "Now she doesn't want to know anything more about love." Some will understand and most will be amazed because loneliness is generally not seen as something one gets along with, something one feels good with.

If we think about it for a moment, one thing becomes clear: In reality we are never alone because life surrounds us. In addition, most of us have our own group of companions to which we belong - family, friends, colleagues, etc. A partner does not always save us from loneliness and that is not his job either. Sometimes it even brings us closer to the dark abyss of emotional loneliness for the first time.

Nobody is alone learning to love themselves. Because we all live in our minds because thinking, dreaming, thinking and feeling is anything but a solo act. We are dancers in our own inner world. We are healers of our wounds, artists who ask for forgiveness, and architects of our destiny.

So don't get me wrong, I'm not alone because life and my hope are with me. I have stopped being afraid of fear, I am a satisfied tenant of myself and fearlessly look forward to the future and I know how to enjoy my present to the fullest.

We should all be able to enjoy these freely chosen moments of solitude on occasion, when silence and inner peace ripen the fruits of the soul.