How big is the Japanese porn industry

"There are more tigers here than male porn actors" | Japanese porn star is urgently looking for colleagues

Not only Germany, also Japan groans under the shortage of skilled workers - but different!

Japan has a gigantic and thriving porn industry, but not enough male actors. The country's most famous porn star is now sounding the alarm.

Ken Shimizu (35) is famous in Japan under the name "Shimiken". But Japan's porn king is concerned about seeing himself as part of an endangered species in the Japanese porn industry.

He has now made his frustration public on Twitter.

“In this industry there are only 70 men for every 10,000 women. There are more Bengal tigers here than porn male performers. With 4,000 new films being produced every month, that number of actors is simply not enough. "

His tweet has now been forwarded and commented a thousand times. Ken Shimizu himself is, as he told the online magazine “Details”, tired from the hard physical work: “I've never had to use Viagra. So far. "The magazine quoted a Japanese porn producer as saying," The actors who are young now will soon be getting old. They are then very experienced, but physically they wear off. "

Is the Japanese porn industry threatened with extinction due to a lack of young talent?

Certainly not. With women, there doesn't seem to be any worries about the next generation. An estimated 6,000 women begin careers in the Japanese adult industry each year.

The need for “fresh meat” is great. But the job of porn actor seems to be a deterrent for many men, because a normal life can hardly be led with it.

Shimiken lives separately from his ex-wife and two school-age daughters. He doesn't want his job to have any negative impact on his family's life.

“I'll keep doing it until I die,” he says.

Shimiken is practically in constant use. He hasn't taken a vacation in seven years.

In his 18-year career, he has slept with more than 8,000 women. These included a teen pop singer, Hungarian exchange students and 72-year-old twins.

Ken Shimizu's first porn engagement was a cheap production: he ate a plate of feces in front of the camera. (After that he had to go to the hospital first.)

According to Cosmopolitan, he only got $ 126 for this first shoot. Those days are over now. According to the New York Daily News, Shimiken now earns $ 23,573 a week (approx. 21,000 euros). But this man works really hard for it ...