Why is the Mac overrated

Virus for Mac OS after Malwarebytes pass?

Hi everyone,

I received a rar file beforehand and noticed that my mac (didn't have it that long) apparently cannot unzip it, so I wanted to quickly download and install winrar, but it doesn't seem as easy on the mac as it is on the windows pc (have then also noted win could stand for windows ).. in any case

winrar mac os googled and clicked on the first link and followed the instructions (I'm usually critical with programs, but ..) you should think that the first search hits for such a well-known program on google are serious .. thought wrong I still threw any shit programs (advance mac cleaner) on it .. I got that deleted again, but my safari now starts with the oriveg websearcher and iwie has set the language to English .. Now I can no longer get that away with malwarebytes ( I can also change the language in the system settings, if I want to set German, it crashes) and also these instructions

Remove Search.oriveg.com from Mac OS X

nothing help because these folders are already empty for me and I can't delete anything .. also the extension on safari is not available under the preferences, only my old Zotero extension (quote ext. for the university) can be found there ..

What is the worst thing that malware can do? You can't get my saved PayPal password, can you?
Can it even be that a worm is still up to mischief when I let MB run over?

Someone ne recommendation or good instructions that should work? Would be nice..