Can shampoo be used as a laundry detergent

What to do with old shampoos? The 7 best recycling tips

Do you know that too? You have the whole bathroom full of countless shampoo, shower gel and conditioner bottles and still go shopping again and again because you either haven't found the right product yet or are simply addicted to beauty items. Neither is of course objectionable - but it is kind of a shame that all the bottles are getting dusty! I mean, who can use up all of that stuff? And then there are gifts and samples. Where is it all going? Install an additional cabinet or throw it away?

If you want to live sustainably, you can still do a lot with these superfluous products. I've collected the seven best tips here and, of course, I'm also happy if you add a few more ideas.

1st tip - shower gel: Shampoos that you don't like to use on your head can be used as shower gel.

2nd tip - shaving gel: Most organic shampoos, shower gels and conditioners are ideal as shaving gels because they are thick and also gentle on the skin. I even prefer to use it as shaving foam, because it often leaves my legs really dry afterwards.

3rd tip - hair treatment: Often you no longer use organic conditioners because they are not as rich and do not work as quickly as conventional products. It usually helps more if you leave it on for a longer period and allow the ingredients to develop in peace. If you don't feel like walking around with your head wet for half an hour or more, you can, for example, spread a few blobs in your dry hair before going to sleep, moisten a little and then go to sleep with a braid or a towel. Wash as usual the next morning and be surprised!

4th tip - bath additive: Both shampoo and shower gel can be used as a bath additive. It usually smells better than the regular products.

5th tip - cleaning agents: Sometimes you have very aggressive shampoos that you can no longer use because the scalp is irritated. Anyone who knows a little bit knows that surfactants are often used, which are found in cleaning agents. So why not use it to scrub the bathtub, the floor or the litter box, for example? I've already tried everything and it works fine.

6. Tip - soap: The more aggressive washing power of the shampoos also works best for hand washing - and usually smells better than many soaps.

7. Tip - cleaning objects: It is also a good idea to clean brushes and brushes with shampoo, for example! With natural bristles in particular, it is important to clean them professionally and since this is also hair, you can use your wild boar bristle brush for even longer and you save the environment and its resources twice over.

The following applies to all tips: If you are bothered by the packaging, you can also transfer it to other containers, then it will look better!

I hope you enjoy reducing your shampoo supplies!

Janina is the mother of a young daughter, lives in the heart of Germany and has been vegan for several years, including during pregnancy and breastfeeding.