Where do boys like to be kissed?

Men are crazy about women who do these things while kissing

We love to kiss. In a long B.Relationship strengthens our bond and on the first date it just lets the butterflies fly in your stomach. Kissing is at least as important as sex - if not more important. No matter how well we fit in with our partner: If it doesn't go well when making out, then it can't work. That's why we avoided taking this step on our last date. Suddenly we were afraid of doing something wrong. We know exactly what we like when we kiss, but how about men? We have already told you what we should not do under any circumstances, but the question remains, what should we do instead. What do we have to do while making out to knock him down and win him over? We betray to youwhat things men really like when they kiss and what makes them crazy about us.

1. Be dominant

While men love being able to set the tone and being the more dominant part, they love it just as much when you take control. Whatever you should hold back with in everyday life so as not to scare him off, you can calmly take control while kissing. Especially if your counterpart doesn't expect this, it will surprise and impress them. Show that you can seduce him with the caress: his head cinema will tell him what you can only do if he doesn't stop at kissing and you will cast a spell over him.

2. Don't think it through

Your kissing partner will notice that while you kiss, you think about whether you are doing everything right. Thoughts about what to do next, whether you are using too much tongue, or whether he or she might like what you are doing can make you seem uncomfortable. Since we get very close in this hot activity, the other person notices it immediately. Just relax and let the kiss come towards you: The situation determines what happens afterwards and if you plan the touch in your mind, it becomes rather stiff instead of beautiful and romantic.

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3. Use your hands

No guy thinks it's nice to be kissed by you when you just stand there and bury your hands in your jacket pockets. Just as we women like it when our kissing partner takes our face in their hands, men like it too. Hold his head in your hand and gently stroke his face with your thumb. In this way you give him the impression that you are really only concentrating on the kiss and give him even more closeness. It's also passionate about using your hands, and that's what men like when they kiss.

4. Bite his lower lip

Men go crazy when we bite their lower lip. With this tactic, however, the utmost caution is required: Even in the heat of the moment, you should be careful not to bite too hard: If you hurt him, you don't drive him crazy, you just kill the mood. But he will definitely like a tender nibble on his lower lip. You will quickly notice whether he likes what you are doing and if that is the case, you can carefully feel your way forward.

5. Respond to him

The most important thing about kissing is probably not wanting to just do your own thing. It always takes two people to make out. So pay attention to what your counterpart is doing and go into it in the next step. For example, if you notice that he uses little tongue, you should perhaps hold back a little. So just adapt to the speed and tactics if you like it too. So he gets the feeling that you fit together perfectly when you kiss. Your kiss will be harmonious and he won't get enough of it.

This is why you shouldn't kiss him on a first date

Of course, there is no right time for the perfect kiss. If the chemistry is right, then such intimacy can certainly also arise on the first date. But watch out: There is always a risk here. After all, you don't know the other person very well when you first meet. We usually have two or three dates before the lips are allowed to meet. This is the only way we can assess whether he only wants one thing or whether he is also interested in our character. The likelihood that you jump into bed after making out and that he will never call you again is not that low either. In addition, we should let our new flame fight for us a bit so that the first kiss with him is really worthwhile

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