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Karlsruhe: Stadtzeitung edition of November 25th, 2016 City council decides on double budget 2017/2018 / Clear majority for plan work / Plenty of praise for constructive advice on budget City council: Clearly on course for stabilization The municipal council has now put the city's double budget for 2017 and 2018 on dry rags. With 44 yes and five no votes, the plenary on Tuesday approved the budget with a clear majority, which has around 1.27 billion euros in the budget for the next two years. Local council: Clearly on course to stabilize Transport links to the B36 are increasingly becoming the focus of deliberations Local council: Majority continues for replacement bridge As stuck as traffic at rush hour on the Rhine bridge, the positions in the local council on Tuesday seemed to be to solve this traffic problem. The emotional debate brought some movement into the matter. The focus was on the feasibility of a replacement bridge and the connection of the traffic flow to the B36. City council: majority continues for replacement bridge Will the depreciation become self-operated? / City council adopts a unanimous decision on direction / Include interim management City council: reorganization of waste management The Karlsruhe waste management is to be put on a new organizational footing. The municipal council passed a resolution on the future form of operation on Tuesday. At the end of the short debate there were 49 votes in favor, no no, no abstentions. Local council: reorganization of waste management Local council: clear vote for more daycare places By 2018, almost every second child (49 percent) under three years of age should have a place in the daycare center and for boys and girls between three and six with 95.6 percent even be given almost full coverage. City council: Clear vote for more daycare places. City council: No changes for civil engineering. Conversion, new construction and expansion, renovation and renewal: The city spends millions on roads, paths and traffic structures. During the budget debate, motions aimed at changes to the draft budget - but failed in the vote. City council: No changes for civil engineering Statutory resolution on the development plan for Kaiserstraße South City council: Further upgrading the city On the southern Kaiserstraße, the city wants to create the prerequisites for an urban reorganization of the area between Karlstraße and Ritterstraße with a new development plan. Municipal council: further upgrade the city First residence campaign will be continued without compromises Municipal council: advertising for residence "The first residence campaign is important, but its success does not necessarily depend on whether a bicycle can be won or not," explained Dr. Raphael Fechler submitted the application of the SPD local council group to lower the budget for the campaign (around 1.8 million euros annually) to reduce the cost of the bicycle raffle (60,000 euros). Local council: soliciting for a residence Local council: a great example of commitment When he first moved into the local council on December 1, 1976, Dr. Klaus Heilgeist the youngest city councilor in the Bürgersaal. Since then he has shown plenty of stamina, has been a member of the plenary for 40 years and is now the longest-serving member. City Council: Great role model in terms of commitment City Council: City foregoing gifts The city will be giving fewer gifts in the future. Anniversaries celebrating their 90th birthday or couples celebrating their golden wedding no longer receive a bouquet of flowers. And even municipal employees who are going into retirement no longer receive a present after leaving the service. City council: City renounces gifts City council unanimously clears the way for applications / second priority Rheinbrückenstraße City council: renovating the center of Alt-Knielingen Alt-Knielingen between Rheinbrückenstraße and the Pfalzbahn needs to be redeveloped urgently. The administration and the local council see it that way in unison. There was therefore no debate on Tuesday and the council unanimously instructed the administration to submit two restructuring proposals. Local council: renovate the town center of Alt-Knielingen Local council: Serves to help the disabled A “toilet for everyone” is an important contribution to the inclusion of people with disabilities. The administration's response to a request from the SPD states that such a toilet should be set up in the zoological city garden and that the state should also speak to the state about such a toilet at the castle. Local council: Serves to help the disabled Local council: Third option with Spanish Spanish as one of the most widely spoken languages ​​will in future also play a greater role at the Otto Hahn Gymnasium. Municipal council: Third option with Spanish municipal council: Security in town and country The town gets a presentation from the state government on how it intends to achieve increased security. Local council: Security in town and country Local council: more inclusion is still an issue. At the latest plenary meeting of the local council, a GRÜNE motion to promote inclusion was referred to the school council at the latest plenary meeting of the local council - among other things through an integrated action plan. City Council: More inclusion is still a topic City Council: Questions and Answers weiter City Council: Questions and Answers Christmas city: Christmas markets attract visitors again Even at temperatures that are not yet in line with the season, the Christmas city of Karlsruhe presents itself in the pre-Christmas glow of lights. NextChristmas city: Christmas markets attract visitors again Light sculpture for “Best Christmas City” award Christmas city: Christmas pyramid Although the Christkindlesmarkt has not yet returned to its traditional location, a Christmas harbinger has already arrived on the market square. NextChristmas city: Christmas pyramid DB inner courtyard: parking for a donation Christmas city: free parking at the measuring station Those who do not rely on the environmental network from the outset - on foot, by bike or by bus and train, can cover the "last few meters" with public transport. NextChristmas City: Free parking at the Messplatz Christmas City: Admission criteria for the allocation of stands at the Christkindlesmarkt The 90 stands at the Christkindlesmarkt on Friedrichsplatz were allocated for the first time in 2016 on the basis of admission criteria. The municipal council decided this in response to the latest case law. Christmas city: Admission criteria for the allocation of stands at the Christkindlesmarkt Giving presents to children from needy families / Campaign by the City Youth Committee Christmas wish campaign: Get a wish list from the tree In the foyer of the Karlsruhe City Hall, the sixth Christmas wish campaign of the City Youth Committee begins today, Friday, November 25th, at 3 p.m. NextChristmas wish campaign: Get a wish list from the tree 113 pages for the stadium Stadion: City and KSC sign contracts for football arena A new chapter for Karlsruhe football was opened last Friday with the signing of a 113-page contract and accompanying annexes. NextStadion: City and KSC sign contracts for soccer arena Compulsory stable for domestic and farm poultry Avian flu: birds stay indoors After the spread of bird flu among wild birds on Lake Constance, Agriculture Minister Peter Hauk ordered domestic and farm poultry to be housed nationwide. Avian flu: birds stay inside No impairments for visitors Avian flu: precautionary measures in the zoo There are extensive protective measures to protect the birds in the zoo from being infected with avian flu by sick wild birds. Avian flu: prevention in the zoo Central location for exhibitions and encounters is to be created / Federal government as sponsor of “Forum Law”: Defending democracy Make the German constitutional state clear and tangible - with exhibitions and events, at a central location for information and encounters. This should be possible in the “Forum Law” in Karlsruhe. Last week the Bundestag approved 200,000 euros for a feasibility study, and on Tuesday the initiative group presented the project at a historic location. more “Forum Recht”: Defending democracy Climate partnership with Latin America: Karlsruhe as an actor and host Climate protection: It depends on the municipalities Optimal sorting and disposal of garbage is complex, but it can be ecologically and economically profitable. In addition to reforestation, which should start this year, and environmental education, waste management is one of the Karlsruhe initiatives at climate partner San Miguel de los Bancos, Ecuador. Climate protection: it depends on the municipalities Climate protection advisory board to provide technical suggestions for the city's activities in the future Climate protection advisory board: first meeting of the committee Karlsruhe's climate protection advisory board recently met for the first time under the leadership of Environment Mayor Klaus Stapf. The local council had spoken out in favor of its establishment as an advisory body in order to better incorporate the local commitment and knowledge. Climate Protection Advisory Board: First meeting of the OB body writes to the Turkish consul general about current developments in Van Project partner city Van: Protecting values ​​of democracy The events in Karlsruhe's project partner city Van are following Mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup with “growing concern.” More Project partner city Van: Protecting values ​​of democracy Franco-German exchange for more cooperation Region: Understanding the Grand Est It took an extended Berlin meeting of Merkel, Obama and Hollande for Ambassador Philippe Étienne to still favor Karlsruhe, which is particularly inclined to France had to cancel. But business envoy Anne-Laure de Coincy represented him with passion and calculated confidence in exchanges with business and science to collaborate with France. NextRegion: Understand the Grand Est Ceremony in the Citizens' Hall Flower decoration competition: backyards and splendor of flowers In the flower decoration competition in 2016, the jury assessed 2,776 decorated balconies and front gardens with outstanding blossoms. Of these, the jurors - horticultural experts, representatives of the civic associations, members of the municipal council and others - considered the jury to be worthy of the award. Flower decoration competition: Backyards and splendor of flowers Proceeds from the sale of signs benefit Karlsruhe daycare centers Sign flea market: Fulfilling wishes There were bright children's eyes last Friday in the municipal day care center in Lessingstrasse when Mayor Michael Obert and Gunther Lott, head of the traffic control department, received the proceeds from the sale of signs . NextSchilderflohmarkt: Fulfilling wishes Joint control of priority areas by VBK and police Security: Safe through presence Verkehrsbetriebe (VBK) and the police recently carried out a joint priority control. The aim was to strengthen the passengers' feeling of security and thus to make an additional contribution to safety. NextSecurity: Safe through presence Fire fighters and the youngsters really worked hard at the Indiaka tournament Fire brigade: Great action with badminton Last weekend in the Rheinstrandhalle it was really down to earth. The city fire brigade organized its annual Indiaka tournament there. A total of eight teams competed in the active and 14 teams in the youth. Fire brigade: Quite a bit of action with badminton Stadtbahn-Mantle Kaiserstraße and Auto-Passage in focus / tunneling just below the ditch Combined solution: North-South tunnel over the last few meters In the seven underground stations of the light rail tunnel, the combined solution currently dominates the manufacture of the floors and walls Karlsruhe Rail Infrastructure Company (KASIG), the client, reports on the construction process. The exception is the Durlacher Tor, where the sole installation was completed a long time ago and the wall construction a few weeks ago. NextCombined solution: North-South tunnel over the last few meters Energy efficiency: Special prize for Karlsruhe in the Leitstern competition The city of Karlsruhe has received an award from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment for the third time in a row as part of the “Leitstern Energy Efficiency” competition. NextEnergy efficiency: Special prize for Karlsruhe in the Leitstern competition Green City: Giver of ideas for the Green City Will a forest with chestnut trees be built south of the Heidenstücker settlement? In the city, areas should be sought that can be planted with forest areas in order to be able to counteract the increasing development and sealing climatically and ecologically. Once a year, chestnut forests become an attraction for people, families and children. Green City: Ideas for the Green City Erich Schelling Prize awarded / Architecture Prize went to Belgium and Canada Erich Schelling Prize: New perspectives revealed The Schelling Architecture Prize has been awarded in the fan-shaped city since 1992. It is reminiscent of the work of Erich Schelling, the builder of the Black Forest Hall. The renowned architecture prize was initiated by Schelling's widow Trude Schelling-Karrer and the first ZKM board member Heinrich Klotz. NextErich Schelling Prize: New perspectives presented to Karlsruhe sponsors on the nationwide reading day in the zoo Reading day: time for stories Last Friday, Karlsruhe reading sponsors defied the rain on the 13th reading day in the zoo. Reading day: time for stories Hermann Hesse Prize: winning duo Kracht and Maack Culture: beguiling and disturbing It's going really well for Christian Kracht. Not enough that the Swiss recently honored their compatriot with the 2016 Book Prize for his novel “Die Toten”, on Friday he received the Hermann Hesse Literature Prize and 15,000 euros in the packed town hall. NextCulture: beguiling and disturbing Culture: Giga-Hertz Prize to Curtis Roads Curtis Roads is the main winner of the Giga-Hertz Prize Festival at the Center for Art and Media (ZKM), which runs until Sunday. The US composer will receive the 10,000 euro award for electronic music for his artistic work on Saturday, November 26th, at 8 p.m. in the ZKM foyer. NextCulture: Giga Hertz Prize to Curtis Roads Culture: AIDS benefit gala in the State Theater The benefit gala in favor of the Karlsruhe Aids Aid in the Badisches Staatstheater on Saturday, December 3, at 8:00 p.m. is headed “Wahnsinnig bunt”. moreCulture: AIDS charity gala in the State Theater Culture Compact Culture in a nutshell moreCulture Compact Working at the City of Karlsruhe Job offers at the City of Karlsruhe nextWorking at the City of Karlsruhe Tenders Tenders according to VOB and VOL of the City of Karlsruhe and some of the city's companies


Karlsruhe: Security: Carefree for Carnival

Karlsruhe: Stadtzeitung edition of February 10th, 2017 Security: Carefree for Carnival EASY STREET FASTNIGHT: The happy Helau should also guarantee a comprehensive security concept.Archive photo: Fränkle Further information Information on Carnival 2017 Comprehensive concept for security during removals In the fan-shaped city, too, the fifth season is approaching its final climax with the street Carnival. The dance starts on Sunday with the Grötzinger Narrensprung, on February 26th, motif wagons and groups of feet pull through Durlach. The end of the foolish triad is the Karlsruhe procession on Shrove Tuesday. So that participants and visitors can immerse themselves in the foolish hustle and bustle, the city, police and rescue organizations have developed a comprehensive security concept for the three parades. On the one hand, this builds on experience from the past few years, but "also takes current developments into account," emphasized Dr. Björn Weisse on Tuesday in front of the media. The head of the Ordnungs- und Bürgeramt meant above all mobile barriers created by trucks, which, after the attacks in Nice and at the Berlin Christmas market, were supposed to protect the three Karlsruhe parades from acts of terrorism with trucks approaching as weapons for the first time. The security situation was relaxed, there was “no evidence of attacks”, but the police would increase their presence, underlined operation leader Dieter Hoffert. There is also video surveillance at critical points. In this way, the emergency services primarily want to counter the “main problem”, according to Hoffert: disturbances and rioting caused by alcoholized young people. Youth protection teams who keep an eye on children and young people should prevent alcohol abuse. Those who need help can find them on SOS islands, which are recognizable by beach flags. The medical service directs the head emergency doctor, Dr. According to Christoph Nießner, a medical center and is present on the route. So that the helpers can reach the parents in an emergency, they should, according to Niessner, “give their children a slip of paper with their phone number and name”. Visitors should also pay attention to their disguise and, according to Weisse, “refrain from wearing irritating costumes with plastic weapons”. Flyer with tips for safety The public order office has created a flyer together with Karlsruhe Event GmbH, which informs the visitors of the three carnival parades about the topic of safety. The pocket-sized leaflet also gives tips on what to do in the event of incidents such as harassment, mobbing, alcohol abuse, but also storms or fire. The flyer is available in citizens' offices and shops and will of course also be distributed on the parades themselves. -trö- To the overview of the weekly edition


Karlsruhe: Mess': Last festival of the tour

Karlsruhe: Stadtzeitung edition of October 27, 2017 Mess': Last festival of the tour STRUCTURE UNTIL THE END: Opened tomorrow evening Mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup in the marquee on the Messplatz the Herbstmess ‘. Photo: Fränkle OB Dr. Mentrup opens the Herbstmess on Friday evening ‘Tomorrow evening at 6 p.m., Mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup at the "Metzgerwirt" at the measuring station on Durlacher Allee the Herbstmess ‘. 90 showman shops from snack bars and drinks stands to throwing arrows and the maze to super slides and bumper cars are intended to entertain young and old from near and far up to and including November 6th. It is traditionally the last festival on the showmen's annual tour before they prepare for the various Christmas markets. The mess ‘is framed twice by fire magic. Tonight after the opening, family fireworks, on the final evening musical fireworks. What is new is that a whitewater run will come to Karlsruhe in autumn. Market office manager Armin Baumbusch hopes that long-term weather forecasting will “not freeze us.” Jürgen Seyfert, on the other hand, the deputy chairman of the Karlsruhe showmen, emphasizes that the business owners can live with any weather, but also hopes that it will rain at night the temperatures do not drop too far into the cellar. For the first time, the giant swing "Hip-Hop-Fly" is making a guest appearance in Karlsruhe. Numerous other shops, such as the “Monsterhaus” ghost train, also guarantee thrills. Market law has existed in Karlsruhe for 300 years, a full two years after the city was founded. To celebrate the anniversary, the showmen are offering a 50 percent discount on the fare and other promotions in all shops on Family Day, October 2nd. The host of the enlarged marquee offers daily changing musical attractions. -erg- To the overview of the weekly edition


Karlsruhe: Christmas city: grand opening

Karlsruhe: Stadtzeitung edition of November 24, 2017 Christmas City: Grand opening FOR THE CHRISTMAS LIGHT around the light pyramid, part of the Christkindlesmarkt is returning to the market square. Photo Fränkle More information Christmas city Christkindlesmarkt on Friedrichsplatz and market square / New Christmas lights Every year, Karlsruhe shows itself to be a Christmas city with many activities and events. The innovations that can be experienced from next Tuesday are awaited with particular excitement. A new lighting concept and new Christmas lighting in Kaiserstraße visually connect the occupied spaces. With more than 160,000 lights, Kaiserstraße becomes a unique Christmas boulevard. Along the axis between the Stadtwerke Eiszeit on the Schlossplatz, the light Christmas on the market square and the forest Christmas on the Friedrichsplatz, formative buildings such as the town hall tower and the columned portal of the Evangelical city church as well as the section between Kaiserstraße and Zirkel are festively illuminated. On Tuesday, November 28th, Mayor Gabriele Luczak-Schwarz will officially put the Christmas lights into operation at 4.30 p.m. in the Kaiserstraße / corner of Ritterstraße. At 5 p.m., Mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup the 46th Christkindlesmarkt on Friedrichsplatz, which this year slowly returns to the market square with the radiant Christmas of Lights around the light pyramid. The Christkindlesmarkt is open daily from 11 a.m. until December 23rd. Immediately after the opening, the “Flying Santa Claus” hovers over Friedrichsplatz, and the “Kinderland St. Stephan” invites you to stroll. The fairytale village is open daily from 11 a.m. until January 6th. Durlach, in turn, attracts visitors with its unique backdrop. The medieval Christmas market in front of Karlsburg invites you to visit from November 28th to December 22nd every day from 11 a.m. The mayor Alexandra Ries will officially open it on Wednesday, November 29th, at 7.30 p.m. At the Christmas market in Durlach's vaulted town hall, Christmas gifts are offered on the Advent weekends on Fridays from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. In addition, the Christmas city offers a wealth of events in churches, museums, galleries, libraries and theaters. All information can be found at Weihnachtsstadt-karlsruhe.de. -fis- To the overview of the weekly edition


Karlsruhe: Culture in a nutshell

Karlsruhe: Stadtzeitung edition of December 8th, 2017 Kultur Kompakt NO SUGAR, NO CREAM present their third album. Photo: Bastian Culture in a nutshell FAI BABA: Zurich's Fabian Sigmund crowned himself with his fifth studio album “Sad and Horny”, celebrated the Swiss radio. The indie rocker will play with a band at Kohi today from 9 p.m. Tinsel: If you are looking for an alternative to traditional Christmas markets and if you are looking for handcrafted items, Tollhaus is the place for you today from 3pm to 10pm and on Saturday from 12pm to 8pm. The “glitter event in Advent” is framed by DJs, music, films and workshops. Entry for both days: three euros. No Sugar, no Cream stays true to the Alternative Country genre with “A Bigger Picture”. The band, founded by singer / songwriter Pete Jay Funk and bassist Andreas Jüttner, will give an album release concert on Saturday, December 9th, at 8 p.m. in the Tollhaus. “A Christmas Carol”: On Saturday, December 9th, at 3 pm, the SWR Symphony Orchestra can be experienced in the Konzerthaus with a scenic family concert. The tower: Students of the art academy are on the trail of the secrets of the Durlacher Turmberg. At their exhibition in the organ factory until December 22nd, they will deal with its history and myth. Vernissage: Sunday, December 10th, at 11 a.m. -maf- To the overview of the weekly edition


Karlsruhe: Durlach: artist market in the town hall opens

Karlsruhe: Stadtzeitung edition of December 1, 2017 Durlach: Artists' market in the town hall opens The Christmas market in Durlach's vaulted town hall offers loving handicrafts made of felt, jewelry or ceramics from Friday, December 1. At 5.30 p.m., mayor Alexandra Ries opens the nationally recognized artists' market with weekly changing exhibitors. It is sold on all four Advent weekends, Fridays from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Exceptions are the opening Friday (from 5.30 p.m.) and Christmas Eve (not open). To the overview of the weekly edition


Karlsruhe: Volunteering: Humor plays first fiddle

Karlsruhe: Stadtzeitung, December 8th 2017 edition Voluntary work: Humor plays first fiddle TRADITION: Peter Grimm at the "Spundefresserbrunnen" in front of the Neureut town hall, the godfather stood for the guild of fools. Photo. AfSta / Strobel-Heck Further information Office for Participation and Commitment Citizen mentor Peter Grimm: It's fun to make others happy. A young club lives old traditions and sets new accents. For Peter Grimm, the "Nereeder Spundefresser" are a historical and humorous contribution for Neureut. The fountain in front of the town hall, nicknamed the Neureuter, was the inspiration for the fools' guild. "Spunde" was a poor man's meal made from potatoes. It was named after the pegs that were used to close the bung holes in the barrels. To poke fun at yourself and to put seriousness in its necessary place is Grimm's motto. “After all, there has to be fun and joy in life,” he says. Seven years ago, young people asked Peter Grimm if he would help them found the association. He couldn't say no. So he wrote the statutes and took over the public relations, sponsorship and event organization. Since then, Neureut street parties can no longer be imagined without the "bung eaters" and they have put on impressive events: Halloween, Rock on Rose Monday or the Carnival parade. “The first time was a really big experience,” says Peter Grimm. 80 foot groups with 2,000 participants took part. The street was lined with people watching and enjoying themselves. On the third Advent, the fools create the “Spundefresser Christmas Magic”. The smallest Christmas market in Karlsruhe has already become a tradition. His motto “We meet” is popular with both young and old. "The first time it only rained after the mayor's opening speech," recalls Grimm. The youth of the music association participated, the vocal group Neureut and the catchy tunes of the Nordschule Neureut. The hosts provided good food and drink. Despite the rain, everyone had great fun. If others need help, you can count on Peter Grimm. The Vogelpark Neureut association could no longer maintain its facility on its own. The "bung-eaters" tackled energetically: cutting hedges, mowing lawns, removing compost and demolishing an old hut were the first tasks. “The park is an experience for children,” says Grimm. There are large aviaries, goats, sheep and a small pond with ducks. Hunger and thirst can be quenched in a Greek restaurant. The fool's guild wants to support the bird lovers for at least a year. Peter Grimm has completed many advanced training courses in order to be able to exercise his honorary posts as well as possible: training as a citizen mentor, public relations work, acquiring donations and organizing projects. His club career is long. For the Sunshine Association he organized ceremonial meetings, shows and dance evenings - benefit events for the children's clinic. This was used to finance the clinic clown. He wasn't afraid of bankruptcy. “We were one hundred percent convinced that nothing would go wrong,” says Grimm. -AfSta - / - RSH information on engagement The "Nereeder Spundefresser" are fast nights with body and soul. They maintain the customs with a lot of fun and joy. The club maintains the Spundefresser show dance team. The seventh “Spundefresser Christmas Magic” will take place from December 15th to 17th in Neureut. Internet: www.spundefresser.de. Information on the citizen mentor program is available from the Office for Participation and Commitment of the Office for Urban Development at Zähringer Straße 61, phone 0721 / 133-1212. Office hours there are Tuesday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Thursday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment. Internet: www.karlsruhe.de/bme To the overview of the weekly edition


Karlsruhe: Christmas: What changes due to holidays - and what doesn't

Karlsruhe: Stadtzeitung edition of December 22nd, 2017 Christmas: What will change due to public holidays - and what will not AFTER SUCCESSFUL CONSTRUCTION, the Städtische Galerie in Südweststadt (Lichthof 10, Lorenzstraße 27) can be visited again. Also at Christmas - and Epiphany, as well as an open day. Photo: Fränkle Between the years, most of the municipal positions are on duty / free time activities at Christmas and New Years In the shortest possible Advent, Christmas is just around the corner, and the New Year begins on a Monday. This means that some municipal services are not available / in use, especially on the three main public holidays. The town halls, citizens' offices and other service points are closed at Christmas - Monday, December 25th and Tuesday, December 26th - and on New Year's Monday. The municipal rubbish collection will also pause on these days, but not from Wednesday, December 27th to Saturday, December 30th. Applies accordingly to recycling stations, pollutant collection points and composting plants. There will be different collection times in the urban area for household waste, recyclable materials, organic waste and paper. A complete overview is available at www.karlsruhe.de/abfall. Here you can currently read which regulation specifically applies to your own street. Due to the numerous construction sites and the expected greater volume of traffic before and after Christmas, the Waste Management Office asks for your understanding if there are exceptions to postponements regardless of the planning. In Neureut, pick-up in the Monday and Tuesday districts takes place on Wednesday, December 27th, then one day later by Saturday. Karlsruhe's Christkindlesmarkt and Lichtweihnacht invite you until Saturday, 23rd, the Medieval Christmas Market in Durlach until December 22nd. And this year there will be no holiday-related relocations at the municipal weekly market. The city library and the children's and youth library are open as usual between the years. The district libraries Durlach, Grötzingen, Mühlburg, Neureut, Waldstadt and the media bus cannot be used for two weeks from Monday, December 25, including Dreikönig on Saturday, January 6. Lending will be possible again from Monday, 8th January, in the American Library after the same break from Tuesday, 9th January. As early as Tuesday, January 2nd, the city archives will be granting the usual access to their treasures again, after a continuous break from Saturday, December 23rd. Anyone wishing to explain local history to children or visiting the city museum in the Prinz-Max-Palais has the opportunity to do so on Christmas Day and on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at regular times. That includes Epiphany. The gates remain closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's. In the case of the Pfinzgau Museum in Durlacher Karlsburg, this applies to Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. It can be visited on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and, including Epiphany, on Saturdays (2 p.m. to 6 p.m.). The Ständehaus memorial is closed on public holidays, the Municipal Gallery on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and New Year's. On the 1stOn Christmas Day, the exhibitions and works by the latter can be viewed from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., on Boxing Day and on Epiphany from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. And what's more, January 6th is officially an open day, with free admission. The European pool, which is only closed on Christmas Eve, like all baths, offers plenty of opportunities for diving or swimming away: December 25th and 26th and January 6th: 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., December 31st 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and January 1, 1 to 11 p.m. Clock. The Therme Vierordt-bad invites you to relax between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. on Christmas Day and Dreikönig, otherwise it remains closed. The fan pool can also be used on these two days, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Weiherhofbad (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and Adolf-Ehrmann-Bad (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) are also open on January 6th. The Grötzingen indoor swimming pool is closed on all these days. -mab- To the overview of the weekly edition


Karlsruhe: Christmas: It's Christmas again

Karlsruhe: Stadtzeitung edition of December 22nd 2017 Christmas: It's Christmas again AS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HUTS of the Christkindlesmarkt, Seyfert's Christmas decorations (above) and Koffler's Hüttenzauber (below) were awarded. Photo: Fränkle Photo: Fränkle Further information Stadtwerke Eiszeit markets close / Kinderland and Stadtwerke Eiszeit remain open When the jury awards prizes to the most beautiful stalls at the Christkindlesmarkt, then Christmas is not far away. And so it is this year too: For the first time, the representatives from administration, municipal council, retail and media rated in two categories, with Seyferts Christmas decorations in the "goods evaluation" and Koffler's Heuriger at the snack stands got the most points. While the Medieval Christmas Market in Durlach in front of Karlsburg opens for the last time today, Friday, December 22nd, the Christkindlesmarkt on tomorrow, Saturday, offers the opportunity to combine the shopping spree with a visit to the forest Christmas on Friedrichsplatz and the Christmas light Christmas on the market square. The children's area on the St. Stephan church square will remain open daily from 11 a.m. until January 6th, and the Stadtwerke Eiszeit will offer plenty of ice cream fun until Sunday, January 28th. For fans of ice stock sport, the 6th Karlsruhe ice stock tournament will be held on January 18, when groups of four people will compete against each other from 6 p.m. The rules are explained on site. The entry fee of 50 euros includes everything from entry and equipment to a free mulled wine. Information and registrations for the tournament as well as bookings for ice stock rinks can be found at www.stadtwerke-eiszeit.de. -fis- To the overview of the weekly edition


Karlsruhe: Voluntary work: “Bissl” has become much more

Karlsruhe: Stadtzeitung edition of February 2, 2018 Honorary post: “Bissl” has become much more DIVERSE COMMITMENT: Bertel Stamp ensures a feel-good atmosphere in the Waldstadt meeting place. Photo: Strobel-Heck / Afsta Further information Office for Participation and Commitment Citizen mentor Bertel Stamp: An honorary position has grown against boredom. When Bertel Stamp was asked two years ago whether she would volunteer to run the meeting place of the Waldstadt Citizens' Association, she did not hesitate. "I'll do the bit," she decided. Before that, the former secretary of the board of directors had volunteered to guard a church for twelve years and gave tours there. She is one of the first to complete her training as a citizen mentor. The meeting place is an important meeting point in the district. “Anyone who comes is welcome,” laughs Ms. Stamp. You can get to know people, take part in varied events or create your own offers. Young and old meet for knitting courses, yoga evenings, creative circles, singing and making music or learning French. Young carnivalists train guard dance sport. The adult education center offers English courses. Interculturality is very important: there are African cultural events, a Turkish women’s café and an Islamic women’s group. If required, advice for pregnant women and mothers or computer courses are offered. The Kulturcafé is new with monthly lectures on travel, philosophical and scientific topics or interesting facts from the region. Special highlights are Easter and Christmas markets. There, leisure exhibitors sell jewelry, candles, Easter bunnies and Santa Clauses, embroidered pillow cases, socks and scarves that they have lovingly made by hand. The physical well-being is well catered for with coffee and donated cakes, homemade potato salad and sausages. “The house is packed these days,” says Stamp proudly. The voluntary work in the meeting place is important to her. Her eyes shine when she talks about her tasks. The "Bissl" has become much more. She coordinates events, keeps the house tidy, shops, distributes flyers and posters, equips the showcases, does the accounting and balance sheet and much more. Doing something useful, the variety and the challenge keep them young. She never gets bored. “I still have potential. Why should I waste it on the couch? ”She says. She can only recommend volunteering to others. She is convinced that joy and the desire to get involved in something new are the most important prerequisites for this. -RSH- / AfstaInfos on the commitment The Waldstadt community center at Glogauer Straße 10 is supported by the Waldstadt Citizens' Association. Those interested can find the individual offers and contact details on the Internet at www.bv-waldstadt.de/begegnungsstaette. The Office for Participation and Commitment of the Office for Urban Development, Zähringerstraße 61, Telephone: 0721 133-1212, Internet: www.karlsruhe.de/bme, provides information on opportunities for volunteer work in Karlsruhe and the Citizens' Mentor Council. Personal consultation and opening times: Tuesday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Thursday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment. To the overview of the weekly edition