How dangerous is your job

The 50 most dangerous jobs in the world - jobs with risk

Those who earn a lot of money are also rewarded with a long life. Physicists, doctors and engineers are doing particularly well. But grammar school teachers and Protestant pastors also have an above-average life expectancy.

For scaffolders, roofers and miners, however, it looks bleak. Only one occupational group is worse off in comparison with them - and that is the housekeepers.

“Men who stay at home have a shorter life expectancy compared to all other men. It is exactly the opposite for housewives, on average they live longer than working women, ”says Marc Luy, research group leader at the Institute for Demography in Vienna.

“It's not because men may be clumsier and more likely to fall off the ladder; rather, men who stay home are in most cases home for some reason. You are sick or unemployed.

So you are in comparatively poor living conditions, smoke a lot, drink an above-average amount of alcohol and usually have a low income, ”says Luy.

All of these factors reduce their life expectancy. With housewives, it is more likely that they can stay at home because the man earns enough, which means that the living conditions are completely different.

Rembrandt Scholz can explain why income has such a strong influence on life expectancy. He works at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock and analyzes mortality and life prolongation among Germans.