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Act instead of reacting - thanks to "intent-based networking" 

Austria Edition 1/2018


Act instead of reacting - thanks to "intent-based networking"

Dear Cisco Channel Partner

At the “Cisco Live” in-house exhibition in Barcelona at the end of January, Cisco presented the next step towards networks for the digital age. This not only extends the principle of "intent-based networking" to the data center, but also shows new, powerful analytics functions with "Assurance".

With the new analysis functions, IT teams no longer have to react, but can act proactively. These innovations reduce the time corporate IT spends troubleshooting by over 40%.

This makes IT processes more active, agile and automated with the help of mathematical modeling and context insights. You can find out more about this in the article in the “Products and Solutions” section.

To a successful year 2018 together!

Mike Salad
Distribution & Reseller Manager


The best of mobility and networking:
Apple and Cisco are improving the user experience

The joint collaboration with Apple in the area of ​​Wi-Fi leads to further optimization of the integration of iOS devices in Cisco networks thanks to Wi-Fi Analytics for iOS.

You will soon find out more about the improved user experience with iOS devices in the Cisco Wi-Fi environment on two PDF pages.

The network under control:
Cisco's intent-based networking gets new assurance functions

Cisco's intent-based networking portfolio represents a fundamental shift away from the manual and time-consuming methods used to manage networks. The intent-based networks record and translate business goals into network guidelines and activate them in the entire infrastructure. With the introduction of the Assurance functions you can now continuously check whether the network is working properly.

New Cisco Switching Series 250 and 350 with Multi-Gigabit and 10GbE

The Cisco Smart Switching Series 250 offers essential Layer 2 functions, important security functions, basic Quality of Service (QoS) and much more. Both Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet models are available, and thanks to 10GE uplinks, these switches offer even faster connectivity.

The Cisco Managed Switching Series 350 offers the ideal combination of price and performance. It offers support for multi-gigabit Ethernet technology, layer 3 functions, advanced security and energy efficiency.

The bottom line is that the new switches provide the reliability and performance that demanding environments require. Either Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet models are available, and all products are restricted with the best in the industry Lifetime guarantee with advance exchange on the next working day supported.

Dream connection: the new 350 series switching and the Cisco WAP581 high-performance wireless access points

Connect the new 350 series switches to our WAP581 high-performance wireless access points to enable wired and wireless connections at multi-gigabit speeds.

The WAP581 is a Wireless AC, Dual Radio, Wave 2 Access Point with 2.5GbE LAN. It increases the speed of the wireless network and offers investment protection for those who want to future-proof their network infrastructure. Some of its highlights:

4x4 multiuser technology with multiple inputs / outputs (MU-MIMO) for 5 GHz radio and 3x3 MIMO technology for 2.4 GHz radio
Dual Gigabit Ethernet (2.5 GE and 1 GE) LAN
Single-point setup that does not require a controller - for easy and cost-effective deployment of multiple access points

Meraki WLAN for every occasion: new indoor AP models with external antennas

In today's wireless world, a “one size fits all” approach no longer fits all indoor scenarios. Although Meraki access points easily meet the needs of many - if not most - indoor wireless installations, so far all have integrated omnidirectional antennas. This cannot do justice to certain situations: full auditoriums or stadiums, covering long corridors or warehouses with high (> 7m) ceilings, to name a few examples. Indoor APs with special antennas are required for these situations.

We are therefore introducing new Meraki 802.11ac Wave2 APs with external antenna connectors:

  • MR42E (3x3: 3 MU-MIMO with 1.9Gbps)
  • MR53E (4x4: 4 MU-MIMO at 2.5Gbps)

And below the matching antenna portfolio from A to F:

  • Straight and bendable dipole antennas for omnidirectional coverage (A series)
  • Omnidirectional antennas for installations with low ceiling heights where aesthetics are important (B series)
  • Panel massage omnidirectional for higher (25 feet or more) ceilings and medium-sized installations (C / D series)
  • Wide patch antennas for long ranges in medium-sized scenarios (E series)
  • Narrow patch antennas for environments with very high density such as stadiums and auditoriums or for applications that require narrowly focused coverage, such as down-corridors (F series)

Stadtwerke Judenburg AG relies on Cisco Spark

Stadtwerke Judenburg AG is working on the digitization of the collaboration Cisco Spark.

In a multi-utility company, there are many interesting challenges that have been successfully addressed together with the Cisco partner webquake Professional Services GmbH. In addition to the targeted company-wide introduction, the integration with existing systems (e.g. Docuware, ticket system) via API was optimally implemented.

Save time - thanks to the new Meraki Insight

Meraki Insight helps IT administrators and help desks to significantly save valuable time, which is required to isolate network or application problems, and thus to have happy and productive IT users with their customers again faster.

Simply order an Insight license for the Meraki MX series (Security / UTM / LAN / WAN Appliance) now and get to the bottom of network and app problems faster.


Check It Out:
Find out everything about the serial number with SNCHECK!

With the new Cisco online tool "SNCHECK" you can find out (almost) everything about this using your device serial number Product and the guarantee and also get an insight into any existing service contract. However, you can only access the service contract details if they are mapped to your own CCO ID.

Cisco won't leave your customers out in the rain: Cyber ​​security using an umbrella

With Umbrella, your customers have a cloud-based DNS security solution at hand, which is extremely easy to install. In most cases it is sufficient to only change the IP address of the DNS server - you can save yourself laborious hardware setups or software installations.

Sales partners score with customers the quickest with Umbrella ...

  • that have already been hit by ransomware attacks or want to prevent them (e.g. CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, Locky, ..)
  • who have mobile users who work on laptops (Win / Mac) while on the move and “forget” to start the VPN client
  • who want to discover & restrict unauthorized cloud apps (e.g. Office365, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Netflix, ...)
  • Want to improve or significantly relieve the existing IT security by using Umbrella as the first line of defense
  • whose eyes were opened by means of the “monitor-only” PoV umbrella to see how permeable their existing security is

Stadtwerke Judenburg AG relies on Cisco Spark

Stadtwerke Judenburg AG is working on the digitization of the collaboration Cisco Spark.

In a multi-utility company, there are many interesting challenges that have been successfully addressed together with the Cisco partner webquake Professional Services GmbH. In addition to the targeted company-wide introduction, the integration with existing systems (e.g. Docuware, ticket system) via API was optimally implemented.

Create more effective offers with the Partner Proposal Library

Do you want to create proposal documents with a professional look? With our free product, service and solution templates it's very easy. You will find over 100 templates in the Partner Proposal Library.


Hot off the press: Version 5 of the Cisco network products “Bible” is finally here!

It took a long time until the latest version of the Cisco network products "Bible" was brought up to date. But it was worth waiting!

You will find now all relevant information about Cisco network products summarized in a PDF - from the simple overview (what is DNA Center, SD-Access, etc.) to the product details (with decision tree for product selection) perfectly explained.

The extensive content on over 100 (!) Pages speaks volumes:

  • Catalyst switches including the latest 9000 series
  • ISR & ASR router
  • Aironet WiFi
  • Meraki full stack (LAN, WLAN, UTM / SEC, EMM, video)
  • Small Business (LAN / WLAN / WAN)
  • Services products
  • Financing options

"Merakify" small business switches with SNA for free (!)

Cisco’s Smart Network Application (SNA) is a free network monitoring and management tool for our Cisco Small Business Switches. All switches of the 550X, 350X, 350 and 250 series with software version 2.2.5 can be accessed via a browser. Therefore no installation or a separate server is required. And older generations of switches of the 500, 300 and 200 series are also covered via CDP / LLDP. The key functions:

  • Identification of the network technology
  • Display of the link status
  • Monitoring
  • Applying configurations

Cisco ETA (Encrypted Traffic Analytics) Design Guide available

Cisco ETA allows malware to be detected in encrypted data traffic WITHOUT decryption. The current design guide helps with the successful implementation.

description  Spr  link
Cisco ETA Guide  

Hyperflex 3.0:
Bigger scale and additional workloads

Cisco Hyperflex, the hyperconverged platform from Cisco, has many new functions. With Hyperflex 3.0, Hyper-V is supported in addition to VMware. In addition, there is the functionality of the stretch cluster, as well as support for containers and a lot more.

Cisco Workload Optimization Manager news

Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (WOM) brings your customers an automatic decision machine that helps to distribute or assign workloads depending on the available resources.

This ensures optimal performance for the running applications. CWOM also offers support when replacing old infrastructure with new UCS servers. With the latest version 1.2, the user interface has been improved, there is a new consumption model and other improvements.

Cisco Intersight Essentials can be ordered

Cisco Intersight is the central cloud-based infrastructure management system for UCS and Hyperflex. The Essentials version is now available. With the Essentials version, customers can centrally monitor their UCS and Hyperflex systems. In addition, the version offers the option of centrally controlling firmware updates for rack mount servers, as well as performing HCL compliance checks in the future. It also offers options for Hyperflex systems.

Time for a game?
Mars Challenge starts now!

As an engineer, help build the first sustainable human civilization on the red planet. Your success depends on your networking skills - backed by the most powerful network ever built.


Your new IT wonder weapon! Meraki Networking introduces itself

Take part in a German-language introduction to Meraki and the cloud managed IT products. This includes a presentation of the latest wireless access points (MR), UTM security devices (MX), LAN switches (MS), mobile device management (SM) and surveillance cameras (MV).

You will find out how Meraki products make your customers' networks more reliable, how network management is dramatically simplified for you as a supervisor, and how TCO costs are reduced at the end of the day.

One of the numerous appointments will certainly fit in your appointment calendar.

Cisco Spark Partner Virtual Summit on February 27/28 in Vienna

For all those who are already heavily involved with the topic of SPARK Collaboration Cloud, there will be a great opportunity at the end of February to beam themselves up to the latest state of knowledge. Participation can take place live in the Cisco Office Vienna or online via Spark / WebEx - registration is necessary in both cases.

Lifecycle Advantage:
Looking after existing customers is cheaper than winning (!) New customers

Find out how you can develop your existing customer relationships and thereby generate recurring sales through a series of co-branded e-mails created with the "Lifecycle Advantage Program". Register for one of the two upcoming dates and find out how you can simplify your customer loyalty processes.

date  begin  Duration  Registration link
28.02. 12:00 o'clock 30 min. To the login page

Cisco Spark and Webex fans meet online on March 7th

In the next collaboration webinar, we'll show you how the latest wave of Cisco collaboration innovations will give your customers a more intuitive way to work.

In this session you will learn how you can help your customers to massively increase their effectiveness - with solutions that adapt to the way your customers and their teams work. Modernize your meetings (rooms), let them adopt the topic of video and transform your customers' workflows at the same time. This is your chance - be part of it!

date  begin  Duration  Registration link
07.03. 3 p.m. 30 min. To the login page

Would you like your own “Cisco Privatissimum”?

According to Wikipedia is a «private issue» a (teaching) event for a group of participants invited by the lecturer (expert). This takes place in a more informal form. Not in the lecture hall, but in the chair rooms of the university or - as was the rule much earlier - in the lecturer's private apartment. "

We are redefining the “Cisco Privatissimum” and are turning the tables on our partners, in other words: you define the content you want yourself. The content-related expert will then be selected by Cisco.

Content: You specify the topic
Meeting: by arrangement
Place: Live at Cisco, at your location or virtually (Note: The option “Lecturer's private apartment” is ruled out ;-)
Duration: 30 - 120 minutes (depending on the chosen topic)
Costs: Cisco will cover speaker costs
Requirement: Indirect “Cisco Registered Partner” or “Cisco Select Partner” with growth expectations
Group size: From S (individual) to XXL (large group with over 20 participants)


Are you an inquisitive technician? We have 8 places available for a Meraki hands-on technique training course free of charge

In this one-day, hands-on technical training course, you will learn how to configure and use the most innovative and exciting functions of Cisco Meraki cloud networks by giving you practical experience on the entire Cisco Meraki "full stack" under the guidance of a German-speaking Meraki technician.

Meeting: 4th April 2018
Place: Cisco Office Vienna, Room KIRK (31st floor)
Duration: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Costs: Cisco will cover the costs
Procedure: The configurations are actively worked out on 4 demo pods in teams of two according to script
 Laptop with wired / wireless ethernet connection is required.
  Basic technical knowledge! Please check before signing up Your basic technical knowledge online here (minimum requirement: 75%)

Comstor Security Initiative: Live workshops in spring

In this exclusive, German-language series of webinars from Comstor, you will learn how you can upgrade your existing security business and why it is worthwhile for you to enter the Cisco security business.

Learn about the most important Cisco security solutions your customers need to protect their business and reputation. Take advantage of the opportunities in the security business and expand your knowledge in 10 exclusive and German-language live workshops in spring 2018.

All topics and dates at a glance:

date  Designation workshop
23.02. Cisco Security Fundamentals
02.03. Talos USP Platform
09.03. Umbrella & Web Security
16.03. Cisco AMP (Advanced Malware Protection)
23.03. Cisco Meraki
30.03. Cisco Email Security
06.04. Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine)
13.04. Firepower Next Generation Firewall (including March release)
20.04. Cisco Fire Jumper Training Program
04.05. Comstor Services as added value for your security offers

Cisco Enterprise Networks Update Sessions Webinars

The webinar series, held in English, includes compact online sessions about Cisco Enterprise Networks solutions. Use it to keep your sales reps up to date on the latest products and train new employees. The webinars start at 10:30 a.m. and last around an hour.

To give away for free:
8 places for a Meraki hands-on technique training

Get to know, configure and use the most innovative functions of Cisco Meraki cloud networks in one day with this practice-oriented hands-on training. You will receive practical experience from a German-speaking Meraki technician.

Meeting: 5th April 2018
Place: Cisco Office Vienna, Room KIRK (31st floor)
Duration: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Costs: Tech Data will cover the costs
Procedure: The configurations are actively worked out on 4 demo pods in teams of two according to script
 Laptop with wired / wireless ethernet connection is required.
  Basic technical knowledge! Please check before signing up Your basic technical knowledge online here (minimum requirement: 75%)


In a nutshell: Cisco takes over BroadSoft

The takeover of BroadSoft by Cisco accelerates the cloud strategy in the collaboration portfolio - especially in the area of ​​SMEs. BroadSoft focused on cloud calling and contact center solutions for companies with sub-50 employees, which were provided by service providers.

Cisco Umbrella is No. 1 in the area of ​​cloud security in the CRN "Most Innovative Security Products 2017" ranking

CRN has published the ranking of the “Most Innovative Security Products 2017”. The winners and finalists in the categories Cloud, Endpoint, Identity Management, IoT, Mobile, Network and Web / Email / Application Security were determined. Conclusion: Cisco’s umbrella is the winner in the "Security - Cloud" category! Click here for the ranking list »

Your resolution for 2018 on the subject of health:
Use Meraki «Wireless Health»

With Meraki’s "Wireless Health", IT teams can quickly and easily check whether wireless users can access the network as expected in order to have fast and reliable WLAN use. By simplifying the root cause analysis in the Meraki Dashboard, admins can proactively tackle challenges - without having to manually search through the entire network stack (Association, Authentication, DNS, DHCP, ...). Wireless Health will soon be available for all Meraki MR models.

New! "Easy Protect" umbrella for small customers of Internet service providers (EU GDPR)

The EU GDPR is just around the corner. Time is of the essence (May 2018) and many small companies have still not taken any precautions in terms of data protection. With Umbrella's "Easy Protect" package, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can protect their small customers (up to a maximum of 25 employees per company) from (almost) all the injustice from the Internet without having to invest their own infrastructure and thus comply with the EU GDPR. The entry threshold is deliberately kept very low with a 100 license package. Umbrella "Easy Protect" is the quickest to install subscription solution - nothing stands in the way of profitable success from the first customer on - ask your distributor now!

Maximum possibilities with «Network. Intuitive. " exhaust

We support you in finding new customer opportunities for the «Network. Intuitive. ». Our new Sprint program over the next 3 months will focus on the following areas: Catalyst 9K with DNA Advantage software and Meraki and Secure Mobile offerings for small and medium-sized businesses. Use the information and tools in the Sprint program and speed up sales of these products.

Are you looking for new, qualified employees?

Among the graduates of the Cisco Networking Academy you will find specialists for CCNA, CCNP, Mobility and many other areas - all over the world. Hiring new talent in the IT industry no longer has to be a headache for Cisco partners. With the Talent Bridge we offer you the opportunity to access these new talents using a targeted matching process. Contact Talent Bridge »

Relevant customer recommendations in the partner locator

Partner Locator is a great way to network with customers and other partners. With a "best match" algorithm and a simplified user interface, it is now even more effective. Go to partner locator »

GDPR - How is data managed at Cisco?

We endeavor to provide information on how we at Cisco collect, transmit and secure customer data across all of our SaaS and cloud solutions. Our new privacy statement data sheets describe how we manage contact data and personalizable data in our specific solutions. To the datasheets »


Distribution partner and project support

your Distribution partner provides you with information on the areas of product information, availability, delivery times, quotations and Cisco services.

Further Project support can be obtained from dedicated Cisco contacts.

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