Calling a girl hen offensive

He no longer wants the members to express their possible displeasure in letters, so Etienne Schneider recently said at the LSAP's New Year's reception. Rather, they should use the LSAP's Internet platform to make suggestions for the design of the election program, which will then be discussed at the congress in two to three months and incorporated into the program if necessary.

The statement of the Minister of Economics, who has already been nominated as a “natural” top candidate by some party grandees, probably referred to an open letter from younger LSAP members who demanded stronger social aspects.

Shortly after the top candidate from 2013 had spoken the above-mentioned words, another letter was written to the party leadership internally, but not to be kept for long in view of the more than 50 signatories ...

In this letter before us, the members demand, among other things, to first write a progressive and socialist program (appropriate food for thought will be included) and only then to determine a suitable top candidate who should then represent these points credibly and with conviction.

So the chicken-or-egg question once politically, probably to the displeasure of some LSAP politicians in the first row, but posed with a certain logic ...

Robert Schneider, born in Luxembourg in 1964, father of an adult son, lives in Niederkorn. Has worked for the Tageblatt since 1981, also worked for several years as editor-in-chief of the publication of the Luxembourg restaurant association Horesca. For ten years head of the local editorial office of the Tageblatt and also head of domestic politics for a decade. The current focus of journalistic work is on social issues and politics.