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Question the authority and them call you crazy.
Question authority and they call you crazy.
Tell me that call you Mr. Tibbs.
Some call you a hero for your deeds.
you call you Coach, Ray.
And you call you Master of love.
you call you the night demon of Sicily.
They call you the Night Demon of Sicily.
Why call you all Charlie Brown?
I believe we call you just dexter.
you call you... the bone doctor.
I bet that call you Not Sentenza here either.
Like you. I bet they don't call you Angel eyes.
All call you the loser since that night.
You talk so much everyone call you Miss Quakente.
You talk so much they call you Miss quack-quack.
How so call you all "toast"?
you call you the hood. Let's see what you look like without one.
They call you the Hood, let's see what you look like without it.
you call you "Mellow".
Why call you all the kiosk owners from Istanbul?
Why do people call you the Istanbul grocer?
you call you the "Cricket Minister".
You're a basilisk rattlesnake, and she is call you "Fang-tissimo".
You are a Mexican West Coast rattlesnakes, and they call you "fang-tastic."
Why call you the people not ben?
Because you pay attention to every detail call you all "Maestro".
And that attention to detail is why people call you 'the maestro.
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