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England's rising city: Liverpool is so cool

The lady has dressed up. The old clothes are taken off, fresh make-up where the face has suffered, gloss here and there, the complexion is lightened, the facelift is in place. She looks young, she is so again. She has decades of experience in chasing decay.

Liverpool is hip - and a phenomenon. Ironically, the city of 500,000, which Beatles guitarist Georg Harrison once affectionately called his "Old Lady", is now the hippest metropolis in England.

The docks, a promenade with museums, galleries, food stores; the center, lively pedestrian boulevards with theaters, shopping centers, street cafes; Glass towers next to neo-baroque, parks and canals, everything goes together. The city's trick: use art to attract attention to what's coming up next. So from art to commerce.

How exactly the principle works can currently be experienced in the Baltic Triangle, the district that - after the port and city center have already metamorphosed - is now about to be reborn. Here on Mann Street, Bill Tix looks out over the brick facades. Its facades.

He painted the old rust-red brick walls of the warehouses so that they now look like a cubist tapestry; his client is the Cains Brewery, whose brewery building is one of the many monuments that testify to the former industrial size of liver pools. Yes, says Tix, making up - restore something - that is exactly what happens here in the Baltic Triangle.

A success story, typically Liverpool

The Baltic Triangle, so called because of old trade connections to Scandinavia and located between two diverging roads, is currently the most important urban redevelopment project. It is located to the south of the dock facilities and is about one square kilometer in size. A typical industrial wasteland in Northern England: warehouses, factories, workshops on the verge of decay.