How are the career opportunities at Synopsys


It just fits!

Employee or workerAt the time of the assessment, worked in the administration / administration department at Synopsys GmbH in Aschheim.

I think it's good about the employer

The freedom to design your work however you want and also the home office option. That you manage to have and keep a wonderful team as a whole. The rapid development.

I think it's bad about the employer

Nothing really bad, actually. That would be whining on a very high level.

Suggestions for improvement

Expansion of the further training offers also in the non-online area.

Work-life balance

Much is being asked, without question. It's up to you to make a stop yourself, but the company also offers options such as home office.

Career / further education

Synopsys has flat hierarchies, a career is difficult there, but there is job diversification. Further training offers are available, but are very much geared towards the US, mainly online - there is still development potential here.

Salary / social benefits

The comparison with other employers has shown that Synopsys pays quite well.

Environmental / social awareness

Go green is an initiative by Synopsys Inc. - is also implemented in the majority of cases. sometimes it is simply not possible (e.g. consistent waste separation).

Cohesion among colleagues

Priceless, the whole company is a team!

Dealing with older colleagues

We all treat each other flippantly but respectfully, I'm older - so what!

Managerial behavior

Had a wide variety - with very few exceptions, the behavior was consistently positive. There is feedback, both positive and negative, and you can deal with each other normally.

working conditions

Best equipment in the office, possibility to work from home.


As is so often the case in American companies, it sometimes takes time for information to reach other regions.

equal rights

Definitely yes, there are few managers who can prove it. Here performance counts, not gender.

Interesting tasks

The company is growing fast - it always remains interesting.