You can share photos you have taken

PlayMemories Home (Windows)

Basic operations of "PlayMemories Home" (Windows)

Welcome to "PlayMemories Home"!

You can use "PlayMemories Home" to edit and manage your photos and videos on your computer.
If you upload your photos and videos to our online service "PlayMemories Online", you can also view the photos and videos on your tablet PC or smartphone, etc. And of course, you can easily share photos and videos with friends and family.

Let's start by importing photos and videos to your computer first!

Import photos and videos into your camera

You can use "PlayMemories Home" to import your captured photos and videos to your computer.

1. Connect your digital camera, video camera or smartphone to the computer using the built-in USB cable or the USB cable supplied with the device. Or insert an external medium, e.g. B. a memory stick or an SD card, into the corresponding port on the PC.

The following screen will appear automatically.

2. Select “Import Media Files”.

A screen will appear with instructions on how to import photos and videos.

3. Follow the instructions on the screen to import the photos or videos.


- When you connect a Sony video or digital camera to a device, additional functions are available in "PlayMemories Home" depending on the device.

- If the Sync All option is checked, the imported photos will be automatically uploaded to "PlayMemories Online". The automatically uploaded photos are not available to the public.


- Depending on the country / region, some functions may not be available.

Sign in to "PlayMemories Online"

When you log in to “PlayMemories Online” from “PlayMemories Home”, you can also use “PlayMemories Home” to view and edit the photos uploaded to “PlayMemories Online”.

In addition, in "PlayMemories Home", you can share the uploaded photos and videos with your friends and family.

1. From the PlayMemories Online menu, choose Sign In.

2. Follow the instructions on the screen.