Which are the richest countries in Africa

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The subject is too complex to give a simple answer. Rich in mineral resources, diamonds, gold etc. only the population does not benefit from it
Rich states are in particular Libya and Algeria, Gabon, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea and Angola. The wealth of these states results from the oil deposits that are there or in the offshore sea.
There are large copper deposits in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia. In South Africa, Botswana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and also in Angola, diamonds and gold are mined to a considerable extent.
However, due to the desolate state structures, the per capita income of the residents is not very high.
The wealthiest regions in Africa are either in the far north or in the extreme south.
The reason for the prosperity of the North African countries is mainly based on their proximity to Europe. The resulting trading relationships have made it possible for a lot of European money to flow to North Africa. Tourism is also a big keyword, for example in Egypt.
The relative wealth of the South African states is based in part on structures that were brought to Africa with the colonization of the Europeans and continued to operate. In addition, natural resources such as oil or precious stone deposits influence the economic development of many African countries. The 5 richest countries in Africa are Equatorial Guinea, the Seychelles, Libya, Gabon and Botswana in descending order.
South Africa is one of the richest countries in Africa. Natural resources such as diamonds, gold, platinum, and coal are predominantly responsible for the country's wealth. South Africa is mainly located on a plateau, where arable farming and livestock are practiced. As a sheep wool producer, South Africa exports wool, which is an important product for export.