What is bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder

Everyone has bad days, good ones too: So it's no wonder that the corners of the mouth hang down and then bend up again with laughter. It is different for people with bipolar disorder - also known as manic-depressive illness - they often fall from one extreme to the other for no understandable reason. Depending on the severity of the disorder, manic and depressive episodes sometimes merge directly into one another, sometimes there are whole years of symptom-free time in between. Although the manifestations of bipolar disease have preoccupied doctors for 2000 years, educating the public is still in its infancy.

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What is bipolar (manic-depressive) illness?

Everyone knows it: fluctuations in feelings. Sometimes the mood is good, sometimes rather bad. But that is normal. However, people with bipolar disorder live with extreme emotions. In the field of tension between mania and depression, a regular life is hardly possible.

The recurring ups and downs of emotions with fluctuations in mood and drive are just as reality as a twenty-fold increased risk of suicide compared to the general population.

Few of those affected know about their illness and find their way to a trained doctor or psychologist. A timely diagnosis and targeted treatment could significantly improve the course of the disease.

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